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A win-win opportunity to earn while providing your friends, family, and followers with the best-designed line of plant-based supplements to help them on their journey of vibrant health.

We share profits with you, and our top affiliates make over $50K per year!


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Our mission is simple.


We make science-based products that complement the plant-based diet.

We believe in being the cleanest and most transparent brand on the market. We third-party test everything, use no unnecessary fillers, excipients, emulsifiers, preservatives, no synthetic vitamins that you can easily get with whole foods, and no colorants in any of our products.

Our team is fully vegan, and our product research is backed by advisors such as Dr. Joel Kahn, and the 500,000-strong No Meat Athlete community.

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Nutrient solutions.

Introducing the world's first vegan supplements complements designed to deliver only what's missing from a plant-based diet... and nothing else.

We’re taking your already healthy diet, filling in the nutrient gaps, and leaving you with the confidence you need to thrive.

No fillers, sweeteners, or multivitamins packed with extra unwanted nutrients.

Whole food plant-based

You don't need processed sugar, maltodextrin, or other synthetic ingredients to power your workouts, adventures, or afternoon cravings.

Our line of real food snacks and powders use real ingredients, superfoods, and clean protein, to create a delicious and easy snack for short-term energy and long-term health.

Join the Complement family.

We have tens of thousands of happy customers - over 70% of which receive Complement products on a subscription basis. As an affiliate, you will receive a commission on boththe first sale you refer, and subscription renewals for the first four months, meaning you will be making passive income on all subscriptions created by your audience.

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Frequently asked questions.


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What is the compensation structure?

It's easy to near commissions through the Complement affiliate program. Here's what you'll earn:

  • 20% commission on customer’s first purchase.
  • 5% commission on future purchases or renewals made within 120 days of the first purchase (up to 4 renewals, depending on product/delivery frequency).
  • URL cookie duration is set to 14 days, meaning the affiliate will receive a commission for any sale made within 14 days of the initial customer link visit.

Are there any requirements to being a Complement affiliate?

While we are a 100% vegan company, we don't expect you to be, as long as you're aligned with our mission of providing vibrant health to everyone.

We will appreciate a few sentences about yourself, your business, your online presence and your followers when you sign up - and we hope it's understandable that we reserve the right to final decision on who may join as an affiliate.

How can I promote Complement?

We've seen the best results with direct email promos, introducing Complement products to your list, and sharing what you personally like about them with your audience.

That said, you can obviously use other platforms as well. Post about Complement on your blog, create a TikTok around it, share on Instagram (feed or stories), share on Youtube, introduce it at a live gathering... you know who your followers are and what kind of messages they prefer. Please make sure to tag our social media accounts when posting so we can check out your posts and reshare!

How are sales tracked?

You are assigned a special tracking tag that should be attached to every link to Complement pages that you share. By clicking a properly tagged link, visitors will be cookied for 14 days, meaning that even if they come back and complete the purchase later, it will still count towards your commissions.

Alternatively, if you chose a discount code, that will be linked to your account as well, so anyone who uses that coupon at checkout will also be tagged as your sale, even if they did not arrive through a tagged link.

How and when do you pay?

Payouts are done either through Paypal or via check. We'll ask you to provide your payment details before the first payout is processed.

The minimum limit is $500 - this does not get reset or eliminated... your commissions will keep accumulating until you reach the payout threshold. If you do pass the payment threshold, payments are sent out monthly.

Can I see how many sales have come through my link?

Yes - when you log into your Affiliate Dashboard, you'll be able to see both the sales generated and commissions accrued.

Are there any rules to promoting Complement?

We expect you to use good judgment when promoting Complement and reserve the right to terminate the affiliate account of any person or brand we feel is misrepresenting our products or promoting them in a malicious or dishonest manner.

Some examples of this include obvious click-baiting, tricking users to click on the affiliate link or masking it so it is not obvious it is linking to an external website, purchasing through your own affiliate link and cookie stuffing. If you don’t know what cookie stuffing means, that’s ok. We don’t expect our affiliates to use those techniques anyway.

Loved by thousands.

Over 165,000 products shipped to 77,375+ happy vegans and plant eaters.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1959 reviews
Starr H. (Indianapolis, US)
Don’t Miss This Daily Supplement

I am an athlete, amateur bodybuilder, and do not consume red meat or dairy. Very glad I can rely on Complement to ensure my body isn’t deficient in any vital nutrients or vitamins so I can continue to perform at an optimal level.

Caroline S. (Brandon, US)
Compliment supplements

Love the supplements, getting what I need not eating meat and just ordered the protein powder. Can’t wait to try it

Samira S.F. (Madison, US)
Essential brought me back

How would I ever be able to say enough thanks for this complement supplement? My Hashimoto's even with the higher dosage of my meds from the Dr. had me with no eyebrows hardly left, thin hair, at the minimum of issues. The horrible other end of the disease had me filled with sadness, exhaustion, anxiety, deep cold and pain in my extremities. I found complement essential and my world is growing and warming again. I sleep better, feel better, cope better. It would not be hyperbolic to say these save my life and help it to be a calmer, happier, healthier, one.

Candy C. (Sacramento, US)
Love the Vitamins

I feel confident that we are getting the best vitamin as a plant base eater, works good and we feel great.

Jack S. (Broken Arrow, US)
Finally a supplement made for the health minded Vegan

Great supplement of essentials for the Vegan diet and lifestyle!! Well Done!