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Daily Greens
Lori P. (Bloomington, US)
Delicious and fast

The Daily Greens were delicious! I could just stir them in cold water and done. I appreciate the limited ingredients and compostable bag. Than you!

Great smell and taste!

Love the pills are easy to swallow and all in one go. Couldn’t be easier to do the healthy thing for your body.

simplifies supplement regime

After taking single supplements of a multi, B12, and vegan omega-3 I decided to try Complement to simplify my routine and cut down on the expense of buying things individually. The one thing that I would like to see if more magnesium and a version with iron. Otherwise happy with my decision.

So far so good!

I am enjoying these supplements immensely! I can take them in the morning without feeling ill. I think I’ve noticed a small difference in my hair in nails, but it’s a bit too soon! Enjoying them nonetheless. I love that they come with ascetic jar for my counter as well!

Complement Protein
Kim U. (Madison, US)
Great for smoothies!

We use complement almost daily to add a protein boost to our smoothies and absolutely love having such a delicious plant based option for protein!

Daily Greens
Nancy J. (Middleton, US)
Balance Trusted Nutrition

Going Vegan takes thoughtful choices that take you outside the Standard American Diet “BOX". But which direction should I take? Food choices are not made automatically anymore and a balanced lifestyle of Nutrition can take some work to not fall short on important nutrients. Complement products like Complement Plus, Plant Based protein, and especially their new greens drink offer me the back up and array of choice as I adventure down the journey of Whole Food Plant Based eating.
I can purchase with confidence given the quality of product I have received. I no longer have to sort through bottles of Mega Packed vitamins to get the balance that has been created for me very simply

Best plant based protein powder!

I use an ounce of this every morning mixed with ground flax seeds, chia seeds, and oatmeal. Delish!

Complement Protein
Sofia Z. (Portland, US)
Love this

I use the protein powder, the plant bites and the vitamin capsule. The taste of the powder is actually nice, without any horrible sweetener aftertaste. The plant bites get me through my long runs and they are really easy to eat. I would highly recommend these products.

Fabulous product!

So thrilled to find Complement! Finally. A multivitamin that isn’t overloaded and only offers what I feel like I could be truly missing some of on a vegan diet. Love the packaging and that I only have to take a few of the same vitamin instead of separate, D, B12, Selenium, etc. Love that this company does so much for the animals and the environment. Happy customer right here!

Plant Protein Bites
Jack T. (Anderson, US)
Jack’s review

Complement products are outstanding!!

Complement Protein and Essential Multi-vitamin

So happy to have a clean protein source and the supplement support for my newly adopted plant-based diet. Thanks!

Just beginning

I am taking the vitamins with each meal. I noticed a difference when I first started.
Will need more time to confirm.

Great Vitamins!!

My first time using these vitamins that were recommended to me, great for hair shedding. Has improved so much 🥰

Compliment Essential

Fantastic, re-assuring and smells like Andes Mints. I look forward to it every day!!!!

love the product

I love this product. Its the perfect fit for my Vegan lifestyle.

Daily Greens
Jed S. (West Shokan, US)
Excellent products

I have been using several of Complement products and they are all excellent. Great integrity and purity of ingredients. The staff are wonderful to work with if you have that need. I recommend this company to all my clients

Daily Greens
SUsanm V.R. (Port Orchard, US)

These greens have the best taste of any I have tried. Enjoy putting the powder in my protein drink in the morning that way I have had my greens for the day. I am not a good greens eater so have finally found a way to get the best ones in my system. Thank you🌟

Quality Product

It's comforting to know I'm taking a product that is safe and tastes great.

Impressed with the commitment of this company

We have been on a whole food plant based diet for some time, and knew we weren’t getting some of the required nutrients. I heard Ocean Robbins mention compliment and after investigating, knew it was exactly what we needed. I never trusted mass produced supplements and am happy to support a small business. We are still on our first bag, and so far we can notice improved energy and better sleep. The automatic delivery is a plus to ensure we never run out.

Quality products for peace of mind

My whole plant-based family lives all things Complement. We do everything we can to eat as nutritious as possible and Complement gives us the peace of mind knowing we’re complementing our diets with these essential nutrients!

Daily Greens
Amy R. (Sarasota, US)
Thank you Complement!

We’ve been taking the Complement Mutivitamins for around 5 years and feel their a great addition to our plant based diet. I just started using the Dailey Greens, I mix them into my Coconut kefir water, so delicious! I look forward to the drink, their is no plugging my noes, and getting through it going on !
Thank you Complement for your thoughtfully prepared products!

Daily Greens
Sima S. (Irving, US)
Love getting my daily greens!

I have been using the daily greens powder for a few weeks now. It is tasty and refreshing with so many great nutrients! It has been wonderful to find a product with clean ingredients that tastes good and is good for you.

Feeling complete

I feel it is good good edition to my vegan lifestyle. I feel like I'm having a more positive outlook.

Daily Greens
Angie (Unionville, US)

You brought to market the very product I had been curious about trying. I've been eyeing up other green powders and wasn't fully committed to trying what they had to offer. The your big reveal came out and I was thrilled! I especially love that you explain the "why" behind each green you chose. We had already been loving the Complement supplement capsules and were ready to test out the greens. I really like out light and delicate the flavor is, it's not overpowering at all. I mixed it up as instructed with water at the first try. Even my 3 year old enjoyed taking sips of my juice. I used it with a smoothie next and that worked great as well. I think I prefer alone in cold water, add a few ice cubes and enjoy as an afternoon beverage while working. THANK YOU!

Pleased on many different levels!

I was told about this supplement to address my thinning hair - and waiting with fingers crossed to see improvement in the next few months. In the meantime, I'm so pleased with the company, the product and its ingredients, the friendly customer support team and the acknowledgement on how they treated and offered a discount when the product was significantly delayed do to some supplier issues was appreciated. The pills are brilliantly packaged and the peppermint essence was a really nice add. Happy to start my journey.