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Love the all in one aspect but I don't like the fishy smell of the pill. I have to hold my nose to swallow it everyday.

Love complement

Great product. Way too many emails and texts. One a week would be more than enough. Please back off. Thanks

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules

Capsules only

I can’t warm up to the liquid formula. I know it’s the highest quality of vegan algae that makes it difficult to swallow, but please the capsules available.

Filling great

I can’t say much about the product yet because I haven’t use it long enough to see the difference but even thought it’s been just a week since I start taking this vegan vitamins I fill great and have more energy! The capsules are very smooth and easy to swallow! I am very satisfied and highly recommended to anyone on a vegan lifestyle!

Excellent product.

Your product delivers the elements that my body needs at an affordable price. Excellent product.

Capsules stuck together

Compliment has been beneficial to me as a supplement. It seems that a capsule leaked and all t he capsule in my first order are stuck together and need prying out. Hoping for better results with second order

Complement Essential all-in-one solution

Tastes good, convenient, reassuring that I'm getting the extras I need as a vegan. My one thing that was not so great was trying to open the bottle/pump when first wanting to use the product. Almost gave up...

Mixed feelings

I love the idea of these and initially I loved the smooth easy to follow capsules but they seem overly sensitive to humidity or warm temps. I live in SW Florida and within a week or so of receiving the capsules they started sticking together and started to smell the algae in the capsule. We have to keep even the unopened ones in the fridge which is a little annoying.


Restill a little fishy smelling

Solid service and product

Overall, great experience buying and taking the vitamins! Kudos for using almost no plastic in the shipping process!

The only thing that bugs me is that over time, they will start sticking the bottle and we have to break them loose. They definitely do tend to start breaking down after a bit of opening, but not sure if that can be solved and it's not a huge deal

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules

Years of good results

I really like the product and have been using it since it first came out. The new batch, shipped from Woolridge, IL had no packing material in it and the pills have a strong fishy odor that transfers on to my fingers when handling. This problem has been fixed it the past. I am sure it will get fixed again.

I needed it

I have been WFPB for 2+ years. I knew I needed to get B12 into my system but which one? Then I discovered Complement. It's perfect. It has what I need and nothing extra. And I do feel even better!

Highly recommend

I love my Complement+. My endocrinologist highly recommended this product and I’m so glad he did. This is a great product and a great company who readily solves shipping issues and more.

LOVE Complement!

I love Complement Plus! It’s great knowing that I’m getting all the essentials that I might miss in my diet. And customer service is SUPERB! I’ve emailed with Esther and she is the BEST!

Replacements for a bad batch

The new supply I’ve received are fine. No problems!!!


So far so good. Not the greatest taste but I’m getting used to it. Very simple to use. As a vegan I feel “Essential” supplies me with many of the vitamins and minerals my vegan diet lacks.

3 a Day

This month I increased to the recommended 3 tablets daily...can feel the difference.

[Draft] Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Great supplement

It’s so nice to find a vegan supplement that’s not full of suspicious ingredients. I also love that each bottle lasts 2 months.

Feel great, but taste is not

I love the way I feel taking Complement Core, and it’s exactly what I need all in one formula. Other vitamins have made me tired or give me headaches, but this one seems to be just right. The one downside is it tastes terrible. It tastes like fish even though I know there’s no fish in it. I just take it quickly and chase it with water and food immediately. I will definitely keep taking it, but hoping one day the flavor will improve.

Great product!!

I love the ingredients, and how basic it is with just what i need. I've only been taking it for almost 2 weeks, but I have more energy and feel less brain fog.

New Growth

I am so pumped I found these vitamins. I have nails for the first time in my life. I really feel I’m getting the missing nutrients I was needing. I don’t see the dark circles under my eyes either. I tried one bottle and by the end of the bottle I was game to sign up for the subscription. So worth the money!! I only have to buy one bottle not 5-7 different ones. Thank you complement for helping me on the plant-based journey!

Super product

I am not good at taking pills, so this is a great alternative!! Definitely will continue to purchase!

Feel great!

I’ve felt a boost of energy after starting this regimen. I recommend for those on a wfpb diet for vital nutrients and a boost of energy.