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Seeing & Feeling Results (Lower BP & stronger in training)

To share my experience. I am new to plant-based eating (9 months). I have lost 60 pounds in the last 9 months and a few months ago I weened off 4 blood pressure meds (with doctor monitoring), that I had been on for 22+ years. I decided to try Complement after reading Plant-based Athlete. Within a few days of taking Complement capsules with some avocado or almond butter every morning. I noticed a minor drop in my blood pressure, bringing me right to the sweet spot of 120/80 range. I was running 129/87 range for the last couple of months. I am also feeling a little stronger in both my strength training and on long runs. I also achieved a new 800 meter PR this week. Actual data to support that it's not just how I feel, but actual data. I know I sound like an ad, these are my results. I am switching to a subscription after my initial 2 month supply test drive runs out. Thank you so much for making this product!

Plant Protein Bites
Amy D. (Chula Vista, US)
Great products

My husband and I love the new Protein bites. They’re delicious and so easy to grab when you need a quick pick me up. Both flavors are great but I prefer the fig and my husband prefers the chocolate.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Cynthia W. (Baker City, US)

I am truly enjoying the restoration of energy and renewal of my personal drive. I feel more relaxed and more energized which is not common for me. This feeling of being more in balance and able to respond to daily stressors is lovely.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Dianne E. (West Lebanon, US)
Does the trick for us

We love taking Complement knowing that we are getting the vitamins that might be missing from our Whole Food Plant Based diet. We call it our Piece of Mind pills in the morning!

Great stuff!

Plant Protein Bites
Cassady B. (Fort Collins, US)
Love these!

These are delicious! My husband has stolen most of what I ordered. :)

Plant Protein Bites
Jeri-Lynn H. (Goussainville, FR)
Enjoying the plant bites!

I’m enjoying the plant bites! We are training for 100 mile bike ride so the plant bites are perfect! The fig triple berry ones remind a lot of a healthy fig Newton cookie! The chocolate almond protein ones are super yummy! Nice to have healthy energy to sustain long rides!

Complement Protein
Ardath (Sapulpa, US)

I love the Complement products and their Customer Service is amazing.


Complement has given me more energy!

Big Time Quality for Big Time Plant People

Makes me feel INCREDIBLE. I am lifting way harder in the gym since getting back on Complement.

Best vegan diet multi-vitamin we have found!

My husband was diagnosed with heart disease almost 2 years ago. We researched our best options and found a vegan diet and supplementing with Complement vitamins were our best options. We love the ease of taking Complement and how great we feel!

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Christian G. (Croton-on-Hudson, US)

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules

Complement Essential
Charlyn B. (Watertown, US)
Just the perfect product!

Complement takes all the worry out of begin vegan. It covers anything, like B12 and other essentials, that could worry someone wanting to go vegan.
We were somehow challenged with the measure for it and took too much until we figured that out.
An outstanding product—so grateful we found it.

Love Complement Ordering

Automatic ordering is so easy with them.
Not ready for a delivery, they notify you ahead of each delivery and with just one click, you can move your delivery date to a future date that you pick. It is so easy! Thank you.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Paula H. (Moultonborough, US)
Complement fills the vegan voids

So happy to know that the Complement team has done thorough research on the missing vitamins and nutrients to make a vegan diet complete!!

Plant Protein Bites
Robert Z. (Highland, US)
Protein Plant Bites

Worth the wait; both flavors are great and I usually have with breakfast to get more protein before a workout.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Taylor W. (The Bronx, US)

It’s comforting to know I’m getting the nutrients I need in my body.

Complement Protein
Darlene M. (Lebanon, US)

I love the “clean” protein powder. Besides using it in my smoothies, I use it often to make your protein banana blueberry muffins. Love knowing something that tastes so good is good for me.

Complement Protein
Erick C. (Wilmington, US)
No Digestion Issues!!!

I bought the protein powder and vitamins. I just want to mention how grateful I am to have found a protein powder with such few ingredients, quality ingredients, and experience no digestive issues. Moreover, I love that the actual bag of protein powder is compostable. I highly recommend this protein and company.

Complement Protein
PC (Atlanta, US)
Very filling and energizing

Love my complement. I've recently started adding it to my morning yogurt and berries. It blends well and really helps stave off hunger.

Plant Protein Bites
Stacey W. (Graham, US)
Surprisingly Good

I really love these. They are a great energy booster before I go teach my classes at the gym. I love the whole food ingredients and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Complement Essential
Annemarie N. (St Louis, US)
Update on previous review

Really appreciate Complement Team's follow-up on my 3 star review for the liquid version which had separated. Shout out to Isabelle! This resolved things for me and was very quick response.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Bart E. (Southfield, US)
Good Work

I like how you keep us informed each step of the way from order renewal to delivery. Thank you ☺️

Plant Protein Bites
Amy F. (Napa, US)
Plant Based Protein Bites are a Delight!

I tried the Chocolate Almond and Sea Salt flavor. The texture and taste are great. I like the disk shape. I'm eager to try the other flavor!

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Nancy W. (San Rafael, US)
Exceptional Health

Complement Organic Plant Protein and Essential Vegan Supplements are both key elements to my overall vitality--plant based, balanced, nutrition supplements. The company itself offers integrity in its leadership and practices. Plus their shipping and containers are attentive to ecological needs.
Clean and healthy for the planet and people all around--that's 100%. I have both products on autoship because I'm happy to have it fully integrated into my health routines.