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Best Vegan Supplement!

Complement deserves high compliments! Best vegan supplement I have tried in my 24 years of veganism.

So far, so good...

Relationship started off a little rocky with supply/shipping issues, but have enjoyed my first bottle of caps. Really like the design/texture of the caps. Also, like not having to take multiple supplements for all vitamins plus DHA.

Love these vitamins. They've help keep my husband and me very healthy.

Review of Essential Vegan Nutrients

I have actually been doing a 90-day heavy metal detox cleanse while taking your product and I am feeling great!, (have another week to finish this cleanse), am not sure it is your product or the cleanse on why I feel so good. Health issues are clearing and I will continue to take your product as I feel I was depleted with certain minerals and vitamins. Happy Holidays!

Complement is great

My search for it started in late summer, when I noticed that I couldn’t mentally focus as I could in the past. I just wasn’t as sharp, especially at the end of the day. After a month of Complement, I felt normal again. I will take it for the rest of my life.

I’m vegan and I love this product. It works really good. I can’t say I feel something different but I’m so healthy than before so part of this result is the product. I’m in a better shape.

Great product!

I have been taking the vitamins for a year- I feel great.

Complement review

I love that complement comes in gel capsules. I generally have a really hard time with pills but these are manageable. I love love love that it takes care of the common essential nutrients often missing in vegan (and also many omnivorous) diets. Getting the nutrients I need without extra effort puts my mind at ease.

Complement deserves many complements!!

I absolutely love these supplements. I feel great and I love no longer hearing from the doctor that my vitamin D level is too low. I also love the way the company is run. If they are not happy with the quality they will communicate with you and hold off sending until it meets their standards. Where else do you see that type of leadership. My trust level with this product and the company couldn’t be higher. Highly recommend.

Love it!

Complement has been a powerfully nutritious addition to my eating plan. After only about 3 weeks of use, I can already see and feel how the additional protein is affecting my body. And, it's so easy to use--I just add it to my morning yogurt. Thanks for a great product.

Best Single Food Product Ever.

Although I miss the ingredient of hemp (but I understand the political reasons why it had to be removed), this is an amazing product. I always feel great after consuming Complement Protein. I know it's doing good things for my body and my mind.
I did have an issue with a recent shipment. The paper bag container ripped in transit and spilled and spoiled the contents. I alerted Team Complement and a replacement was shipped right away. That's outstanding customer service!


Im stoked to feel amazing after starting taking these vitamins. It’s that simple

Great Supplement Product!!

Awesome nutrient product! A must have for Vegans!!

I feel better, the best thing I can report!

After beginning the second bottle, which took awhile to get here, I again started to feel better, I believe it is what I was needing, for sure. I started sharing with my son,who is not a gluten-free vegan as I am...he reports his digestive system/brain health, because they are indeed connected, seems improved. He said he'd help me keep purchasing, as I am on a SSA income only. Thank you, and may I get in on the subscription?

So far I love this product. I feel that my energy level has increased tenfold. I don't feel the need to nap during the day anymore. This is my first bottle and it won't be my last.

All in one vegan vitamin.

I was very happy to find a vegan vitamin that is alll in one. Thank you.

Vegan Complement

I always get an upset stomach when I take vitamins but took the chance with Vegan Complement as I just started a plant based life style. I am pleasantly surprised no stomach issues at all. I now feel confident I'm getting all the nutrients needed in my diet. Thanks

Compliment +

This is one of not too many supplements where I can honestly say that I noticed the difference it has made since starting to take it. Not that other supplements didn't help. Compliment + has helped prevent my hands from drying and cracking from repeated hand washing. I still use lotions, but that alone is not enough.

Happy with the service

Ordered 2 bottles of the Complement Plus. Gave a 4* due to the condition of the package, one of the glass bottles was broken. There was shattered glass and product everywhere. They immediately sent me a replacement bottle. Just a shame that an entire bottle had to be thrown out. Have only been taking the product a few days now, so can’t provide feedback on how I feel on it yet. Do like the concept of an all in one cap, but wish that it contained all of the B vitamins.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules

So far so good.

I like that there’s no after taste to these supplements. I’ve been taking them a little over a week. I’m already whole food plant based and taking D-3 and B-12 already. I haven’t noticed anything different yet. Ask me again in 2 months.

Fantastic product

I really like how much better I feel since I've been taking this.

Fits the Perceived Need, but [more] Time will Tell

After a month of taking Complement I will reserve a 5 just yet. Certainly do not feel worse than before. Thank you for eliminating other vitamins in the fridge, but its still unclear if we still need more D3 up here in the North. I know you are fighting with global supply chain issues, and appreciate the efforts. Keep up the good work!


I love these vitamins. Being vegan, I really didn’t know what nutrients I was lacking. I took them consistently for over 6 months. Then COVID hit us and I didn’t receive my subscription for about 6 months. I really felt it. I feel much better now that I’m taking Complement+ vitamins again. So much more energy and they’re easy to take. Everything I need in one bottle.