Real reviews from real customers.

Real reviews
from real customers.

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Complement Essential
Dennis J. (Tacoma, US)

Great stuff. Keeps me on track.

Complement Essential
Justin B. (Hayden, US)
Plant based supplements from a trusted source

I really enjoy getting several essentials in the same pill form supplement and having high quality plant based protein. I’ve followed Matt Frazier for years and feel more comfortable getting supplements from someone with similar lifestyle and values. This is especially helpful with the supplement market being so full of snake oil. I got exactly what I wanted and I’m working out hard and gaining muscle with the extra protein. Just what I was looking for.

Complement Essential
Loreen K. (Nashville, US)

I really haven’t had a lot of time with it , but so far I love it!!!

Complement Essential
Kayla J. (Miamisburg, US)
I Feel SO Good!!!

Here is my compliment ;)
I feel much more balanced while taking Complement. It fills in the little gaps of my nutrition right where I need it and I feel SO good! Thank you!

Gut Nurture
Deb S. (Elk Grove Village, US)

Very good!

Complement Essential
G. (Kernersville, US)
Great service

Excellent customer service and great product.

Daily Greens
Maureen D. (Fall River, US)
Great Products!

I am a plant based human and start every day off with the vitamins and Daily Greens to assure I am getting all the nutrients my body needs.

Complement Essential
Zoe S. (Parsippany, US)
Good hopes (:

i’ve been vegan for 3 years and recently, my hair has been falling out a lot. i watch plantifulkiki on youtube and she swears by this product, so i thought i’d give it a shot! i’m 10 days in and i’m looking forward to seeing the results with some consistency in taking Complement.

Complement Essential
Ceren G. (New York, US)
Taste and smell is very pleasant

So I haven’t been using them long but they’re easy to swallow ( I don’t like taking tablets/capsules normally) and no burping afterwards. So far so good

Vegan Liquid Triple B12 Complex
Andrea T. (Douglassville, US)
My labs are proof

While taking complement essential capsules (3 caps/day as instructed) my vitamin D and B12 levels have been optimal. In the past I struggled with taking supplements consistently and my levels were all over the place but now I can rest assured they will remain optimal while taking Complement. I did need to use an extra omega supplement to get those up to optimal levels. I have not tested zinc or selenium but plan to eventually! Thanks for recognizing whole food plant based vegans need more than just a B12 supplement for optimal health!

Complement Essential
norma h. (Azusa, US)
Energy is noticeable!

I initially bought COMPLEMENT for experimentation, and after using them for two months, I distinctly observed a noticeable increase in my energy levels.

Daily Greens
Tom T. (Evington, US)
complement greens

these greens are the best!
they are the trio of detoxifying, alkalizing and giving me vitamins and minerals!

Complement Essential
Dianne C. (Ennis, US)
A true Complement to my diet

I've only been taking your product for a short time. Just received my second order. In looking at the ingredients, I feel you have accomplished the perfect product to support a plant based diet. I'm looking forward to seeing improvement in my health. I've taken other brands of vitamins and minerals before but really didn't notice any benefits like I'm already experiencing now. Thank you.

Complement Essential
Katherine L. (Los Angeles, US)

The plant based protein powder is delicious!

Love Complement

Complement Plus keeps my bloodwork on track. And the Complement Protein ensures I meet my protein requirements.

Complement Essential
Starr K. (Youngsville, US)
Complement vitamins

I really enjoy the complement brand vitamins. I feel good on them and like the almost peppermint taste when swallowing them. I feel like they are good quality that I can trust.

Vegan Liquid Triple B12 Complex
Maria S. (Nassau, BS)

A fairly good supplement with one negative for me.
It was constipating.

Complement Essential
Debra F. (Milwaukee, US)
I am seeing results!

I am very happy with the results I am seeing after purchasing Complement over a month ago. My skin and nails are healthier and much to my surprise, my hair is growing thicker. I will continue to purchase Complement!

3x Complement Essential
Sonia (Seaford, US)
Great product

Overall their products both the pills and the protein powders are great! Taste good, great nutrition,m and quality - nothing like it on the market. Get a plant protein that is complemented and only has natural ingredients (besides the chocolate protein, that had some additional ingredients, some not as clean but I don’t use it that often).

Only concern for me was packaging - I got two orders which were damaged where the compostable bags were broken and product was all over the shipping box. Seemed like the care wasn’t taken in packing the order. Their customer service is good though and supplied replacements of all items, which were in a bit better condition then the original- problem still needed to be fixed at the time as the protein powders pretty much all had powder leaking out again, although not nearly as bad as the first order I got. They said their packaging team at the time was a different company that didn’t understand the product. I could understand the issue.

Love that I can compost the packages too! they just need sturdier compost bags that also snap closed properly and don’t get holes easily. But they said they’re working to fixing the issues.

Unflavored Organic Protein
Beth M. (San Antonio, US)

Unflavored Organic Protein

Chocolate Organic Plant-Based Protein
Sharron C. (Poulsbo, US)
Health Helpers

THANK YOU for being thoughtful about your goals of our health and packaging!!!

Complement Essential
Kendra H. (Atascadero, US)
Great product

My family and I have been taking Complement for about a month now and are enjoying them. I know we shouldn't smell our supplements but I love the minty smell of these😊

This is Good!

I’m on my 3rd month of taking the vitamins. I’m happy to announce I have found my new military-vitamins. I actually look forward to taking them . I plan to continue to purchase them as long as I can afford them. Thanks again you have a new customer…

Complement Essential
Marcia H. (Belvidere, US)
Great vitamins

I like these vitamins because I only have to take 3 and I am done! They are a great plant based product.

Complement Essential
Kirstin A. (Bentonville, US)
Great supplements

I started using Complement about 6 months ago after being vegan for 18 months. I was tired of buying 4 or 5 different supplements to get the different nutrients that vegans should watch. I have definitely noticed a difference in my hair and nails since taking and my blood work looks great.