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Feeling like I'm doing the right thing

I'm feeling like I'm doing the right thing by taking 3 big black pills. The ingredients and things included are what I need. However there is a very strong fish smell from the pills and that stays on my fingers. It's a small price to pay for good health. 4 stars for only that reason.

Great product. Flavor needs work.

Like the title states, I love the product and that it ensures I’m getting my necessary dietary needs met. But the taste leaves much to be desired. I’ll continue to use it but would much prefer something that masks the “sea-like flavor”.

What I need

As if you can I know this is what I need to supplement my diet, my only problem would be trying to remember to take it three times a day. It’s also quite expensive. But like I said I know I need it.

Thanks for the review, Shirley! Just to be clear, there's no need to take the 3 capsules separately - if it's easier for you, its' perfectly fine to take them all at once.
Great supplement!

Reputable company and easy all-in-one supplement. Highly recommended. Great new label, too!

Peace of mind!

I used to read about a supplement then buy it, then find I had oodles of bottles in the pantry. Now I have peace of mind, knowing I’m doing exactly what I need to do to make sure my nutritional bases are covered. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting and creating this product!

To Fishy

This is my second bottle of compliment. The first bottle was pretty mild as far as the fishy smell is concerned. However this second bottle has a very very strong fish smell and leaves residual taste in my mouth. Not something vegans want to deal with.

The taste is nice. I don’t know of any external benefits, but I sure feel peace of mind knowing I’m getting some missing nutrients!

LOVE this stuff.

no other supplement needed per my doctor!

Best All Inclusive Vegan Multi Vitamin

So nice to take all vitamins together. And great knowing ingredients are clean. Love Compliment!

Good vitamin but smelly

I’m glad that I found this product. It’s precisely what vegans need. My only complaint is the smell - it smells so overwhelming rotting fish stinky. I have to wash my hands after handling them because of the smell. Maybe my nose is too sensitive but without the smell it would be 5star.

I tell everyone

Love this product!

We love Complement Plus! We feel so much better since we started taking it. The service is excellent also.

Complement gave me a burst of energy that I haven't felt since altering my diet. I will for sure be subscribing once my current supply is gone.

Great product, great company. Love that they created this for their own families - it gives me confidence they are using quality products.

Been using Compliment awhile

I’ve been using compliment b4it was in pill form. Great stuff! Thank you for making it.

Just what I needed.

Having the Omega 3’s, B-12, D3 along with K2 and magnesium are super important on a plant based lifestyle. I’m glad to have found the supplement i need without junk i don’t!

Just getting started!

I have been on the daily routine for 4 days - so far so good, but too soon to write an viable review.

Superb product.

Quality and transparency - two pivotal factors that help me decide what type of supplements I'm looking for to empower my active vegan lifestyle. Complement is fully transparent with their ingredients, which are of amazing quality, and what's perfect about this spray is that it's just what you need, not a bunch of extra fillers for the sake of cramming a bunch of hard-to-pronounce words on a tiny bottle. I was previously juggling numerous pills and such to get my Vitamin D3, B12, and Omegas, and this spray makes life MUCH easier. 5 stars and up for Complement!

Vegan Vitamins made easy!

My boyfriend and I have been vegan for 5+ years, many of those we were confused as to which vitamins we need/should take. Vitamin B12 of course that was easy. Some of the others, like plant based sources of DHA-EPA we a little more tricky to find and had me questioning its need. When Complement came out we jumped on that immediately! We’ve been taking their bundle vitamins for over a year and we are happy with the product. Would definitely recommend!

What I need

Price wise, I can’t complain for what it has to offer.

Long time athlete, new to plant based and feeling so much better.

I did a 30 day vegan challenge and decided to stick with it! I'm 36yo, 5'1" and weigh about 120#. I'm an athlete and was feeling very tired and worn down about 25-35 days in. I was turned down at a blood donation due to low iron levels (this was a first after almost 20 years as a donor), knew I had to find something to help! Decided on Complement after tons of research and I love how there are several supplements rolled into one. After about 2 weeks I felt my energy return. Now 4 months vegan and 2 months on Complement I feel well balanced (I also take turmeric). The true test will be at my next blood donation.

Superhero capsules

That’s what I tell anyone who asks, like how do I supplement my vegan diet. I take this stuff formulated by vegans for vegans that gives vegans superpowers. I love the new bottle design. And my free shipment arrived in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier, as expected.

Fantastic Product for Everyone!

As a practitioner, I'm always looking to find the highest quality, and the best cost. This saves clients, friends and family money and improves their health, by not only the high quality of the ingredients, but by them not having to take so many pills in a day. Also, it doesn't have a bunch of ingredients you don't need, and the right amount of the ones you do. I will continue to promote this product, and use it because I love it and it works. Very grateful to have a vegan product that is free of allergens and fillers. Thank you Alpine Organics!