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It's only be a week and a half but I really love these multivitamins. The dose is easy- take all 3 capsules with a meal with some fat (I use a scoop of peanut butter), no fishy after taste, I love the list of ingredients and the method in which they were obtained and formulated. I'll update with more accurate results once I've noticed, but I will definitely keep taking these!

so far so good

Clean, neutral taste which I love. Most powders ae way too sweet.


I’ve added it to smoothies and oatmeal so far. Mixes well and tastes great!

Love the combo of protein powder and COMPLEMENT+

Love both. Is first time using the protein powder. Ecstatic with this clean powder with no stevia or sweeteners of any kind, and no fillers! The powder is so fine and neutral tasting that it's not noticed in a smoothie. Thank you for creating these very clean high quality products. Husband and I highly recommend! Denise D

no aftertaste

I don't know if I'm getting healthier or not since I just started using this product. It has the smell and taste of seaweed, which isn't a great plus, so I make sure I have plenty of water and a turmeric gummy nearby to kill the taste. I have noticed that, contrary to when I took fish oil, I don't get a fishy aftertaste from burping. Maybe that's from taking a plant rather than an animal byproduct.

All around good with one major exception

My family is enjoying it. I mix it into my morning oats and my husband and kids add it to smoothies or their pancake mix. I also love the biodegradable bag. What really got under my skin was the single sleeve bubble wrap all 3 bags came in. Hopefully I can reuse them. I dont think you guys spent enough energy considering other ways to ship. Please rethink this!

Great so far!

So far this vitamin feels like it is meeting nutritional needs for us. We noticed no strange side effects like we have with other vitamins we’ve tried from the health food store. So far, so good!

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules | Premium Plant-Based Nutrition

I have been following Matt Frazier and his No Meat Athlete books as well as Dr. Joel Kahn for the 5 years I have been Whole Food Plant Based, and I trust their research. Complement is easy to take daily, and I trust it to be ethically sourced.

Thank you!

Your protein powder made an immediate difference in the way my body was in the world! I was going to be traveling when my new package was to come..... You arranged for it to come early and I got to bring it on my trip and can be very active and enjoy the journey! Thank you so much! A true life saver!

Love it

Great supplement for vegans. I've been vegan for over 20 years and I am so over the moon to have this product in my life! AND it's made by other vegans with social responsibility.

Just started taking them but so far so so good!

I’m so grateful to find the perfect supplement for a WFPB diet. My only question is this: there seems to be a lot of liquid outside the pills that makes them sticky. I poured the bottle into a napkin and the green was all over it — I took a photo if you are interested. Is that normal? As a result the algae smell is super strong when you open it. Still — I am excited about taking these great complementary supplements.

Complement Perfect Nutrition Package

Smell and taste not pleasant

I appreciate the DHA and EPA in the product, but it smells and tastes pretty algea stinky. I can hardly get these pills down. Also, as a 59 year old, I need more calcium in my diet than pre-menopausal women and these pills don't offer added calcium.


I’ve been taking Compliment for a week now. They are difficult to take because of the fishy smell and aftertaste. I’m unsure if they are helping nutritionally so early on—I feel about the same. Time will tell....! I plan to take the two months worth then make a decision.

So far so good... Love the taste!

I have been a vegan for 7+ years, and have always been a little concerned I might be missing some nutritional odds and ends. Have been a fan of No Meat Athlete for a while, and when I saw the Complement product was eager to give it a try. I have been taking it for about a week and looking forward to seeing how I feel over the next couple of months.

Horrible Flatulence, Face Brokeout

I was so excited to add this supplement to my diet. Unfortunately, my body totally rejected it. Days 1-3 I took in the morning w breakfast. I noticed my stomach was very upset, gassy. So I decided to start taking in the evening. The breakouts we getting worse as was my stomach and gas. Truly unbearable. I stopped taking and now stomach is better and breakouts are subsiding. I wish this wasn’t the case. This just isn’t for me.

I have only been using it for less than 2 weeks so it is way too soon to know if this is helping me.


Haven’t been taking them for too long yet to “feel” any different, however, I will say the smell and initial taste of these is quite awful. I let the pill touch my tongue for as little time as possible before I swallow it and I’m still left with a horrible fishy (algae) aftertaste. I’ve leaned to take it with something other than water for that reason. Also 3 pills a day can be a problem for me sometimes so in all honesty I wish it was just 1/day needed.

The best!!!

I love compliment!!! Great supplement and amazing customer service!!

Feel great!

I’ve been taking Complement for a week and feel energized and great! I like that the supplements I’ve been taking are now in 1 capsule. I look forward to seeing how I feel in a month

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules | Premium Plant-Based Nutrition


Really like it so far easy to take softgels. Hopefully it will be all I need.


I feel better with each serving I take.  My body was definitely lacking iodine and DHA.  I heard Dr. Bernard MD recently say (on Rich Roll podcast) that if you supplement with DHA there is a higher risk of prostate cancer.  Can Dr. Kahn speak on this issue? Bernard didn’t specify on the type of DHA you supplemented with.