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Plant Bites
Lisa L. (Carmel, US)
Transparency, dedication to quality and stellar customer service

Need I go on. This is one of the best companies I have personally ever worked with. The most dedicated individuals who strive for none other than 100% quality, no exceptions. Lisa

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Katherine R. (Loxahatchee Groves, US)
A real complement

Happy to invest in great quality! Fascinated about ingredients!

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
S J. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
It’s not a placebo

So taking this for about 4 months and my B12 jumped from 389 to 555.
Though it was not out of range where it was at. It’s good that I could bring it up.
This is definitely not a placebo. It works.

Easy to swallow!

Complement Protein
Mary M. (Dorchester, US)
Best protein

This is my go to whole food plant based protein powder. It’s low calorie high protein lets me add extra to my morning smoothie.

Complement Vitamins

I've been taking these vitamins for only a couple of weeks. So far I have not seen any difference in how I feel.

Complement Protein
John G. (Chesapeake, US)
Complement Protein

I really like the simpleness of this protein. It's unflavored so you can add to your breakfast or your baking needs. Best on the market.

Complement Protein
Alana A. (Rochester, US)
Complement Protein Powder

I use the Complement Protein Powder every day in my morning breakfast smoothie along with blueberries and a banana. I love the simple 5 ingredients in the Complement and that it is organic. This keeps me going all morning!

Great clean, vegan products

I'm so happy my plant-based doctor recommended this company. They're one of the few places I fully trust to have clean, safe, non toxic, no heavy-metal filled supplements and vitamins. And they're a great value, especially on the subscription plans.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules

Complement Protein
Tammy M. (Austin, US)
No Contaminants -- THANK YOU! AND my Purchases Help Support Conservationist & Environmental Cause...

I recently discovered that the plant-based protein powder I have been purchasing and consuming in my smoothies for the past two years is one of the worst offenders when it comes to heavy metals contamination. I was elated, then, to find an alternative clean, plant-based, environmentally-conscious product in Complement. Does it cost a little more than the product I was using? Yes. Is it worth the slight increase in cost? Absolutely yes. I love knowing that I am purchasing from, and supporting, a company that values sound research, transparency, and integrity. BONUS that my purchases also support amazing organizations such as One Tree Planted, Living With Harmony Animal Sanctuary, and Pachama.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Virginia L. (Bellevue, US)
Happy with purchase!

Great quality supplement. Will definitely order it again.

Love these!

It’s so great to have these supplements for vegans all put together in one bottle.

Complement Protein
John10 (Summit, US)

So far so good
Almost 2 months in
Have yet to feel a difference
I know that takes a bit more time
I would definitely recommend this product and also the protein powder
No side effects and easily dissolves in anything I put it in
Happy 😊

Love it

Yes I do love taking the capsules, they are easy to swallow and I feel really good about taking them and my husband is actually taking them too, it's a win,win.

Complement Essential
Customer (Ben Lomond, US)
Nozzle issues

I really like the convenience of taking what would amount to multiple capsules in a liquid form. I wish that the nozzle didn’t clog so easily though. I never seem to get the same amount from it from day to day and have squirted my shirts a few times aiming for my mouth.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Brittany M. (North Hollywood, US)
Love, love, love!!

I was taking a different brand of supplements before and decided to switch to complement. I’m so glad I did. I love how they make me feel. I also love the glass bottles and large quantities. I order enough for my partner and I for two months and it’s a reasonable price! Love what this company is doing. I would recommend complement to anyone on a plant based diet and even those who aren’t.

Don't know yet

I have only been taking Complement for a few days now and honestly cannot draw any conclusions in the very short period of time. Thus the three-star rating. Most added supplements require a longer period of time to see effects. And so, I will continue taking Complement for the next 3-6 months to see if I notice a difference. Must say though, it's nice to take all the ingredients in the three daily capsules vs buying each one separately.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Kathleen T. (Coppell, US)
Love this!

I love that everything I need is in these capsules as a vegan celebrating 10 years and being my healthiest self yet at 65!

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Kendra R. (Charlotte, US)

More Energy

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules
Kathryn V.W. (Overland Park, US)
Enjoying the Complement Vegan Multi-vitamin

I really like this vegan multi-vitamin. I usually take it with food and have had no problems digesting it (in the past I have felt sick to my stomach after taking a multi pill). I also appreciate knowing it's vegan and contains no fillers or questionable ingredients. And I like that it includes iodine, which isn't something you find normally in multi pills. Highly recommend!!!

Complement+ has it all! (and then some)

Complement+ is the answer I was looking for when I went looking for a solution for filling the B12, iodine, selenium, etc… that is lacking in a research based healthy diet. Thank you team Complement+ for making this product!

Complement Essential
Brandon B. (The Bronx, US)
Disaster strikes and Complement saves the day!

I recently received a shipment of Complement Essential (which is a liquid vitamin) and most of the bottles were broken. I informed Complement about the unfortunate incident and they promptly shipped out replacements free of charge. I’m happy to say everything in that shipment arrived safely. Aside from that I’ve tried a number of Complement products and they’ve all met or exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Love complement!

I bought these for my daughter because I liked it was just one thing to take each day. Now just whole family is hooked!

My one and only supplement!

Complement is the only supplement I take. It has everything I need and nothing I don't. I appreciate their commitment to quality and their customer service is second to none!