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Complement CMO and vegan, Michael Palm, is taking an ice bath.

There's no magic pill for better health. It's too individualized. Your needs, goals, rhythms, and lifestyle will always be unique to you.

But there are foundational truths when it comes to your health. For example, we know that plants are the healthiest foods on the planet, and that mindset and mood play a direct role in your physical well-being.

How you take action to better build on your foundation, however, is up to you.

This is why, at Complement, we'll never put you in a box, make assumptions, or tell you what to do.

Complement is about empowering you to make your own decisions for your health — with tools, superfoods, resources, and nutrients to help build a system that fits your goals.

Complement vegan ambassador Julia Murray is doing a handstand.
Vegan ambassador for Complement, Doctor Estello, is running a marathon.
Vegan Olympian Julia Murray is mountain biking.

1 Intentionally crafted, using the latest research.

Real talk? The supplement industry is a mess. With false claims littering websites and cheap ingredients passed off as the latest discovery, it’s no wonder everyone loves to hate supplements.

So we went back to the basics: What the science says about nutrition and which ingredients play the biggest role. Unless the science supports an ingredient, it’s cut from the formula.

The result is clean, science-backed products built for your health.

2 Optimized for plant-based eaters.

There’s no denying the plant-based diet is a nutrient powerhouse. But like all diets, a little extra support here and there can have a major impact on feeling your best today and for the long term.

Complement specializes in complementing your plant-based diet because we know that when you thrive, the entire plant-based movement thrives.

Complement vegan ambassador Julia Murray is holding a cucumber in the produce section.
A vegan ambassador for Complement is life guarding at the beach.

3 Triple tested for peace of mind.

When it comes to what you put in your body, don't just take our word for it... look it up.

We triple-test every batch to ensure potency, purity, and transparency, then publish those 3rd-party test results on our site for everyone to see.

Whether you're an athlete, parent, health nut, or newbie, Complement is committed to helping you get the most out of your health and lifestyle.

But we know the supplement industry comes with a lot of baggage and little trust.

That's why we're committed to transparency, customer happiness (in the form of a full 100-day guarantee on all orders!), and empowering you to make the right choices for your individual needs and goals.



meals funded.

Each product sold feeds a child in need.


metric tons
of CO2

Our nutrient and protein packing is 100% compostable to help keep plastic out of our landfills and oceans.

Who is

We didn’t set out to sell nutrients. But when we couldn't find a complement to the plant-based diet we could trust for our families, we knew we had to make one.

And after sharing this wild idea with our No Meat Athlete community, thousands of people immediately joined in to make it a reality. Thus, Complement was born.

Since then, Complement has become much more than a supplement. We've helped hundreds of thousands of people through vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, greens, and electrolytes, and we've supported countless life (and lifestyle) transformations through education, recipes, and resources.

But more than that, Complement has helped redefine what it means to thrive on a healthy plant-based diet. And the next phase starts with you.

Thanks for being part of this movement.

Matt and Matt

Co-Founders, Complement

Complement Co-Founder and No Meat Athlete Founder Matt Frazier is crossing his arms next to a New York Times Best Selling Author badge.
Headshot of Complement CEO Matt Tullman and his two young boys.

Co-Founder, and Dad

Headshot of Complement Co-Founder Matt Frazier.

NY Times Bestselling Author,
Co-Founder, and Dad

Complement co-founders Matt Frazier and Matt Tullman in Mexico.
Complement vegan ambassador Doug Hay is holding up a pouch of Complement Protein with lots of excitement.



Complement vegan ambassador Roslyn Kent holding a fresh glass of Complement Gut Nurture in her kitchen.
Vegan ambassador of Complement holding Complement essential vegan multivitamin.