3x Complement Essential
3x Complement Essential
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3x Complement Essential

Complement Vegan Vitamin Spray - Two Month Supply


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Complement Essential. The ultimate multivitamin for plant-based eaters.

Optimize your foundational health with the 8 critical vitamins, minerals, and sustainably-sourced omega-3s proven hard-to-get through a plant-based diet alone — all in one easy-to-take capsule.

This bundle contains: 3 x 60 servings of Complement Essential


Customer Reviews

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Sonia (Seaford, US)
Great product

Overall their products both the pills and the protein powders are great! Taste good, great nutrition,m and quality - nothing like it on the market. Get a plant protein that is complemented and only has natural ingredients (besides the chocolate protein, that had some additional ingredients, some not as clean but I don’t use it that often).

Only concern for me was packaging - I got two orders which were damaged where the compostable bags were broken and product was all over the shipping box. Seemed like the care wasn’t taken in packing the order. Their customer service is good though and supplied replacements of all items, which were in a bit better condition then the original- problem still needed to be fixed at the time as the protein powders pretty much all had powder leaking out again, although not nearly as bad as the first order I got. They said their packaging team at the time was a different company that didn’t understand the product. I could understand the issue.

Love that I can compost the packages too! they just need sturdier compost bags that also snap closed properly and don’t get holes easily. But they said they’re working to fixing the issues.

Carol G. (Cleveland, US)

I have only been taking for a few days but so far so good.

Carol C. (Bloomington, US)
Complement Supplements

I took advantage of the multiple purchase discount and ordered 3 bags of the Complement supplements. I received the order in days, which is great since I was getting low. The only negative is that one of the bags was open and the supplements were rolling around in the box. Fortunately, I have the black jar that I received in a previous order, so I gathered them up and put them in the jar. I didn't bother to count them; I'm sure they were all there. I will continue to use Complement. It's wonderful to have a supplement that supplies only the vitamins you need when following a vegan/plant-based diet. I feel so much better supplementing with Complement. I really do notice the difference. I first heard about Complement while watching Ocean and John Robbins' Food Revolution Series 2 years ago and have been taking them since. Thanks!

Barbara K. (Columbus, US)
Love my Complement

Love my Complement so far.


Jolene S. (Yucaipa, US)
It’s only been about 3 weeks

So far I like these a lot better than the liquid I originally tried that was very fishy. The mint is wonderful and I haven’t had any issues after taking them like I had on the past. I feel like I have more energy and am hoping to notice more as time goes on.