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Essential Multi, 12 Month Supply

Optimize your foundational health with the 8 critical vitamins, minerals, and sustainably-sourced omega-3s proven hard-to-get through a plant-based diet alone — all in one easy-to-take capsule.

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"Wish someone told me about this when I first went plant-based! Unlocking the power of these essential vegan nutrients has been a game-changer."
Clare M.

  • Supports all-day energy.*
  • Promotes foundational health & longevity.*
  • Supports immune, heart, & brain health.*
  • Helps regulate normal metabolism.*
  • Third-party tested.
  • 100% biodegradable pouch—every order is carbon offset.
  • Essenced with peppermint.
  • Every order provides a plant-based meal to a child in need.

feel the confidence.

What if you could feel completely confident that you're getting everything you need to thrive?

It's an experience plant-based eaters know all too well:

A colleague or friend, after seeing your lunch, begins to pepper you with questions about protein, iron, evolution, or the latest diet trend.

Then they'll share a scary quote from an Instagram doctor or an article that features new research on deficiencies in a plant-based diet.

No matter how good you feel about your choices, it's only natural for those questions to creep into the back of your mind…

Sowing tiny seeds of doubt that you may not be making the right choice for your long-term health.

It feels like I’m always tired recently, even when I’m sleeping well… could it be that I’m deficient in B12?
It seems like I’ve been sick a lot this past year… is my diet trashing my immune system?
What if that article is right… and 10 years from now I discover my plant-based diet really has lead to deficiencies?
I’m so cloudy-headed right now. Is it a lack of sleep or a lack of nutrients?

Instead of trying to ignore the nagging concerns in the back of your mind…

What if you could feel completely confident that you're getting everything you need to thrive?

Optimizing your nutrition with hard-to-get nutrients means:

Waking up each morning with a clear, rested mind.

Ditching the afternoon slump and replacing it with focused productivity.

Establishing an elevated healthspan for years to come.

Science-backed nutrient solutions to help you feel your best today and set you up for a vibrant life.

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Pickles (Sacramento, US)
Amazing Supplement

I am a person that has dealt with GI issues for years and have gone through an assortment of testing to diagnose the cause, but really haven’t confirmed anything. The doctor’s next approach was an assortment of prescriptions to try and relieve some of the issues. The problem is I hate taking prescriptions and some of these pills had side effects that made other things first. My wife recommended these supplements because she had heard about it from a friend. I’ve been taking it for three months now and my bowel/gi issues have improved drastically. I still have some things going on, but life has been way more enjoyable since I have been taking this supplement.