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Complement Essential
Starr H. (Indianapolis, US)
Don’t Miss This Daily Supplement

I am an athlete, amateur bodybuilder, and do not consume red meat or dairy. Very glad I can rely on Complement to ensure my body isn’t deficient in any vital nutrients or vitamins so I can continue to perform at an optimal level.

Unflavored Organic Protein
Regina H. (Orange, US)
Surprisingly Easy to Drink

I have never tried the unflavored Orgainic Protein powder. It is surprisingly easy to drink. I just place the powder in water and drink. I know the package gives suggestions on it's use, but I just add to water and drink. Not bad! :)

Oh Yumm!

I love starting my day off with a big ol cup of warm cocoa in the form of the protein powder. Delicious and keeps me going all day.

Complement Essential
Caroline S. (Brandon, US)
Compliment supplements

Love the supplements, getting what I need not eating meat and just ordered the protein powder. Can’t wait to try it

Complement Essential
Samira S.F. (Madison, US)
Essential brought me back

How would I ever be able to say enough thanks for this complement supplement? My Hashimoto's even with the higher dosage of my meds from the Dr. had me with no eyebrows hardly left, thin hair, at the minimum of issues. The horrible other end of the disease had me filled with sadness, exhaustion, anxiety, deep cold and pain in my extremities. I found complement essential and my world is growing and warming again. I sleep better, feel better, cope better. It would not be hyperbolic to say these save my life and help it to be a calmer, happier, healthier, one.

Complement Essential
Candy C. (Sacramento, US)
Love the Vitamins

I feel confident that we are getting the best vitamin as a plant base eater, works good and we feel great.

Complement Essential
Jack S. (Broken Arrow, US)
Finally a supplement made for the health minded Vegan

Great supplement of essentials for the Vegan diet and lifestyle!! Well Done!

Complement Essential
Jeanne D. (Lake City, US)
good purchase

Great easy way to get essential nutrients, nothing more

Complement Essential
Daniel Z. (Redondo Beach, US)
The Perfect Supplement

I take it every morning and don't have to worry about missing out on any nutrients on my vegan diet.

Best vitamins

Great vitamins with sustainable packaging and wonderful quality ingredients!

Complement Essential
Allison W. (Lumberton, US)
Pleasant tasting

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice these supplements smelled and didn’t leave a bad aftertaste. Too early to see a benefits but I’m pleased so far.

Complement Essential
Janel W. (Houston, US)
Customer support

You can never get in contact with anyone and they are always experience high call volumes and it take forever for them to respond via email and their chat says it will get back to you in days. I really think their products are great but they really need to get the kinks out of they want to keep their customers.

3x Complement Essential
Cintia P.P. (Port Orange, US)

Really like the convenience of fewer pills… but… the strong fish taste as soon as it touches the tongue is almost unbearable. But everything for health and convenience.

Hello! Thanks for your honest review. There shouldn't be a fish taste so your pouch might have been damaged in shipping. Please contact support and we'll help make it right. You can email us at

Complement Essential
Melinda M. (New Freedom, US)
All in one

It’s nice not to have to take three or four different supplements to get what I need. ❤️

Complement Essential
joelle h. (Newark, US)
Best supplement for vegan diet in one

The capsules have a good aftertaste, I like that there is a 2 month supply in the bag, and I appreciate that K2 is added with the vitamin D

Complement Essential
Lacey F. (Fredericksburg, US)
Great Products

We use the Complement Essential supplements and feel good about what they provide. We also use the protein powder. We like how it mixes without seeming chalky. I like the protein maple waffles they provide the recipe for—my 9 year old grandson LOVES those waffles! Customer service is also very good. They have always been quick to get back with me and fix whatever the problem was. We can highly recommend Complement products and feel they are good quality

Complement Essential
Brenda R. (Westland, US)
Awesome products!

My family has been using the Daily Greens powder and Essentials vitamins for a few months now. I love knowing that it’s just what we need with no extra fillers. I love the customer service as well- super quick responses and very friendly, caring responses too.

3x Unflavored Protein
Cara W. (Inverness, US)
Great protein powder

I’ve been interested in trying protein powder but couldn’t find any without sugar or weird ingredients. The complement unflavored protein powder is perfect for mixing into my oatmeal and my chia pudding.

Unflavored Organic Protein
Kelly R. (Boynton Beach, US)
Great product and exceptional customer service....

I've been taking the daily supplements for a few years now. I feel great and my bloodwork is always perfect. I've recently started supplementing my diet with the unflavored plant based protein. It is on the pricer side but I find it worth it. I love adding the protein powder to my smoothies and nice creams. This company stands behind their products and I love that they do outside testing.

Complement Essential
Andrea G. (Buckeye, US)
Love my Complement vitamins

I feel an ease knowing I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals that I may be missing not eating meat or fish. Thank you

Complement Essential
Kathleen H. (South Hadley, US)
I found the supplement I was looking for.

I have my own way of eating. I am mostly meat free. I do have fish occasionally. I make my own kefir and yogurt from raw milk. No other dairy. I have osteoporosis. I wanted B12 because I was taking a good B complex but I eat a plant based diet and did not need all the other Bs that I was getting. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I needed iodine, zinc and other important but specific supplements. I found what I needed in Complement.

Complement Essential
Preston T. (Seattle, US)
Quality indeed

I’ve been taking the vitamins for just about a week and I’m definitely feeling more energy and I’m certainly hungry a lot more. I better hit the cardio to keep the weight in check as all I want to do is eat lol.

Unflavored Organic Protein
Ray A. (Tacoma, US)
Unflavored protein

Good organic clean protein

Great Customer Service

When things go wrong, they make it right! Love the great customer service!

Complement Essential
Queen (Dallas, US)
Great product

I love ❤️ complement multivitamins so much I got my first three month supply and finished it and was so happy that I was automatically gonna be receiving my next three month just in time I will give them 10 stars if I could

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