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Extreme powerhouse

After using these vitamins I can really feel a difference within my energy levels and honestly love that the science backs this up. I recommend everyone and anyone to do their research but if your feeling lazy, I’ve done the work for you: this supplement will sustain a vegan lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by what doctors say: remember once upon a time they said smoking didn’t cause cancer

I absolutely love these, they make me feel good.

Love Them!

Love your product! Also your customer service is outstanding. Would recommend your company and products to everyone!!

Great Customer Service & Product!

So happy I found ‘Complement’. I’ve tried many others, and for me Complement is THE BEST! ~customer for life:)

You had me at “no plastic”

Thanks, Complement, for stepping up to eliminate plastic containers from the organic food supply chain! Plus, I appreciate your transparency in listing percentages of ingredients. High quality, natural tasting nutrition along with corporate integrity - kudos!

Best Protein Powder By Far!

This is the only protein powder that I've found that tastes great in my morning smoothie. I wholeheartedly recommend that you purchase one bag so you can experience its deliciousness!

love it

Love the new formula!

Love the new formula and so do the kids. Thank you!

Complement protein powder

I just started using this protein powder this weekend and I’m completely satisfied with how awesome it is.
I’ll be ordering more to share with my family.

Great product, very satiating.

I don’t like sweetness so this works for me.

Best quality, use in everything!

I’ve been using Complement from the start and it is fantastic. I use it in my morning shake and pancakes and about 10 other foods.


I’ve only been taking this vitamin for a week now too soon to give an opinion. I do like that it’s one bottle and not 4-5 different bottles of vitamins.

Love Em

I’ve been taking these for about a week now and so far so good! I love knowing in getting the nutrients I need every day, especially when life gets busy and I don’t have as much time to prepare all encompassing meals. The serving size of 3 pills is rather large, and there is a flavor, however they go down smoothly and the taste is gone with a sip of water. Very happy with my purchase!

Love them!

I love these these supplements. I feel AMAZING! Healthier than I have ever been.

All you needing one vitamin!

We have been taking Complement vitamins for one year and love that we get all our essentials without the fluff. The packaging is also enviro-friendly. Thank you, Complement Team!

Powered up!

Incredible that I feel so NATURALLY GOOD & pleasantly energized♥️ I love that it is scientifically customized for Vegan needs! Powered up... MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD

One stop spray

My husband and I both love complement spray! They have made some improvements to the dispenser which was my only annoyance previously. We love that we can get everything we (vegans) need with one supplement.

Complement Core

So easy now !!

Even though I was willing It was so hard to have my husband take individual supplements. But now it’s all in one serving size. He’s good now & I’m happy as well.

Nailed it!

It was definitely worth the wait. This company and this product is incredible! Couldn’t ask for a better experience!!

No more guess work AND I sleep so good

I am about a month and a half into my first bottle. I am at a unique bell curve really because I will be 5 years vegan next month and also what would be considered "menopausal" as of this month. It took a few weeks for my body to really feel the full benefit, but WOW. I haven't slept this good in SO long. No more insomnia, no more 3 am hot flashes. I haven't slept this soundly in about a year and a half and it feels so good. I honestly want to recommend this to people I know that aren't vegan too. Thank you so much! It's been such a challenge finding the right balance, but now I feel like I have some solid tools that I want to keep in my toolbox here. I have subscribed now because I want to make sure I keep this going. My body deserves that.

Felt better right away

I know it should take weeks or months to notice the effects of a nutritional supplement, but within a few days I noticed more energy and added mental clarity. Might have been a placebo affect, but it continues, so it works for me!

Great supplement for vegans

Great multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for vegans. Provides all you'll need in very pure form and appropriate amounts of each. I read the label to someone trying to sell me some similar (?) product, and they quickly went away! (The protein powder is great too!)

Good stuff

I add it to my oatmeal every morning to get more protein in my diet. I am older so I do believe it’s important I got the vanilla and it taste great. It’sa very fine powder so desolves nicely. I do smoothies but I’m sure it would enhance any smoothie. A little more expensive but it’s pure and last a long time.

Excellent vitamins and customer service

Love my Compliment Vegan Nutrients! I researched and tried so many different brands before choosing Compliment, I have been impressed with everything about these. Just what I need to feel confident I am getting those essentials. Also, the customer service team is great. I recently had an issue with a shipment (first and only time, btw) and my questions were answered and the problem was taken care of within hours, very prompt, they are on it!!
I definitely recommend these essential nutrients.

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