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3067 reviews
Based on 3067 reviews
Complement Essential
Ileana G. (San Mateo, US)
I count on Complement!

I have been taking this supplement for about four years and I know it makes a difference! I’ve noticed improvements in my joints, skin, energy levels and overall health. I’m 70 years old and have been vegan for 20 years; mostly vegetarian before that. Complement has become part of my plant-based lifestyle! Thank you!

Complement Essential
Sharon C. (Oakdale, US)
More Energy

I have only been taking for just over a week and I already have more energy.

Unflavored Organic Protein
Edward G. (New York, US)

I’m In my mid 50s. I broke my hip cycling a couple years ago. It set me back in so many ways, but I’ve been getting on track with diet and physical therapy. Complement before a two-hour bike ride today gave me a solid foundation for the day. Sure, I’m tired, but I feel confident about my diet with this supplement along with careful attention to everything I eat. It’s all about setting good time patterns in life, especially since I am working back from an injury.

3x Chocolate Protein
TH (Yakima, US)
Great Clean Protein

I am new to protein powder, I have tried a few plant based but didn’t like the added ingredients, flavor or texture. Complement is better and different, thankful for this product.

Wonderful customer service

There was a delay on a recent shipment and the Complement team took care of me right away and sent out another shipment. Really appreciate the great service as well as the awesome products!

Complement Essential
Tara F. (Palm Desert, US)
Love this!

I love these supplements. I've been vegan for years and have never found a supplement like these. I truly recommend.

Complement Omega Complex
Lori M. (Delray Beach, US)
I want my money back

I would like my money back and end this soon

Hi Lori! We are SO sorry for this experience! Please email our Customer Happiness Experts at and we are happy to help with this per our 100-day satisfaction gauruntee.

Complement Essential
Renee S. (Louisville, US)
Complete Nutrition

I started a whole food plant based diet in January. I felt like I was struggling to make sure I was getting all of the nutrients for a healthy well balance diet and Complement Essential fills that gap without a lot of unnecessary and possibly harmful ingredients!

Complement Essential
Donna S. (Springfield, US)
Excellent customer service

I had a problem with my order and messaged them. There response was quick, helpful, and totally satisfied my problem. I have not been on the complement vitamin to comment yet but believe it is a good product. Thank you to the team at Complement.

Complement X PlantYou Essential
Pamela C. (Athens, GR)
Complement completes

This product has all the supplements I want and none that I don’t want.

Complement Essential
Maryanne C. (Scotch Plains, US)
I'm loving these supplements!

I'm on my second batch, and I feel amazing!
My energy is good, I sleep well. And it seems my metabolism revved up too.

Free Matte Black Refillable Glass Jar
Janet C. (Portland, US)
I like the peace of mind

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut and eat the same thing for a few days in a row. Complement gives me the peace of mind that my body will still get what it needs, even if I don't have the variety of foods I generally strive for. I like that peace of mind.

Complement Essential
Claire G. (Chicago, US)
I love it!

I chose Complement because it was one plant-based vitamin that doesn’t have Vitamin A in it. I was amazed at how good I felt after taking the multivitamin. I, also, love the glass jar that comes with the vitamins. Awesome vitamins and I will continue to use them.

Complement Essential
Valerie W. (Silver Spring, US)
Complement Essentials and Protein Powder

I was excited to try Complement and it did not disappoint. The powder is amazing and the ingredients are so clean. I added the protein powder to my soup and it mixed in so well. What a great way to add additional clean protein to your meal knowing the ingredients are good. Thus far I’m loving the products!

Complement Essential
Andrea L. (New York, US)
Mmm Mmm Mmm sooooo delicious!

I can't tell you just how awed I am at how delicious this Chocolate Protein Powder truly is! I was skeptical, I admit... having tried other chalky, gritty, not yummy at all brands before. Complement really wowed me! I am serious! It truly is THE BEST out there! TRY IT YOURSELF! Oh so good!

Better than expected

I typically do not like protein powder because of the taste and texture, but Compliment was smooth and tasted great. Quality ingredients and 3rd party testing also pleased me

Complement Essential
Milutin P. (Savannah, US)
So fare so good !

I am very happy to have found supplement that I can trust.
Clumping major nutrients in one capsule for those that avoid
meet, third party tested, with biodegradable wrap .What more do you need ?

Complement Omega Complex
Kureisha F. (Mexico City, MX)
First Time!

I was searching the market for a vegan omega 3 formula and came across Complement. I love the product and will remain a customer.

Complement Essential
Dorothy J. (Lake Oswego, US)
Best Vegan Supplement!

I absolutely love Complement Essential. I used to take a variety of supplements and pay quite a bit more. Also love that my hair loss has stopped! Thanks!

Unflavored Organic Protein
Heather C. (Edmonds, US)
Excellent clean protein product!

Wow! We love this product so much because it doesn’t contain any items that we don’t know what they are and we are so thankful to Javant from @healthyveganeating for introducing us to this product!

Complement Essential
Susan P. (Murfreesboro, US)

Just recently started Complement Essential. The product was promptly shipped and received. The capsules have a pleasant odor and are easy for me to swallow. Too soon for me to judge efficacy.

Complement Essential
Diane A. (Charlotte, US)
Fills the holes

This supplement is excellent for my new vegan program and fills the holes of what I need.

Chocolate Organic Plant-Based Protein
Jee d.L. (San Jose, US)
Great tasting

I was skeptical at first about the claim that the Chocolate Protein mix doesn't take like chalk.... I was pleasantly surprised and it's delicious!

Complement Essential
Tanya C. (Fremont, US)
A satisfied customer

This product speaks for itself. The three daily black supplements, called Complement, come in a black jar that smells like mint to maintain freshness. I love that! In French, the word supplement translates to “complement." Having been raised in France, I appreciate the play on words. It really is a complement to a healthy vegan/vegetarian diet. It doesn’t include Vitamin C since a healthy diet supplies plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain it. Complement does their research to include the best ingredients possible. I am very satisfied.

Unflavored Organic Protein
Laurie L. (Atlanta, US)
Love Complement

I love how clean Complement protein powder is. Thank you