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Complement Essential
Tammy W. (Pennsville, US)
Good So Far

I've only been taking my Complement supplements for a few days. Today is the first day that I haven't felt an afternoon slump yet. If that is Complement's doing, I'll be super happy. :)

Complement Essential
Sarah C. (Buhl, US)
Excited to find this product

I am grateful to find this product for my daughter and may buy some for myself. My goal is to help her with some nutrient deficiencies and build a healthier body while eating plant based. The only issue I have is we didn't receive a container so I am storing in a ball container. Please send the container for better storage. Thanks and look forward to future purchases.

Complement Essential
Theresa H. (Bolton, US)
Easy to swallow

I normally hate taking pills, but these are really easy to swallow

Complement Essential
Paula F. (Flushing, US)
Love the quality and convenience

Love the quality and convenience of the multi Essential. Also love the Daily Greens. Great customer service.

Vegan Liquid Triple B12 Complex
Stephanie F. (Sterling Heights, US)
B-12 that finally works!

I have a hard time absorbing B-12, to the point of always being dangerously low. After taking this B-12 for only a week I could feel a difference! I used to be so tired to where I could feel the tired in my bones, but now I feel like I am resting better and only get tired right before bed after a full day. It is amazing and I have already shown my brother and mom this product as we all have low B-12 issues! Highly recommend!

Complement Essential
Joshua M. (Geneva, US)
Excellent product

I love my Complement essential vitamins. They give me the additional energy I need to face the day.

Complement Essential
Paulette S. (San Antonio, US)
Works as advertised!!!

Thank you all for making and distributing such a effective product. I felt the results of increased energy, alertness, and a heightened feeling of well-being. After only 3 days I no longer became sleepy in the afternoons. My exercise program was more vigorous. I also noticed that my appetite leveled off. No more up and down hunger spikes. My joints experienced a lower level of discomfort. I have arthritis and the pain in my joints is noticeably less. (Hooray). It digests well with no burping after taste. I do not miss taking my Essentials.

Complement Essential
Tricia D. (Roseville, US)

Don't like the new capsules much. They arrived with some broken and that made the container smell gross.

Hello Tricia! Your pouch must have gotten damaged in shipping. Please email support at and we'll send you a new one, at no cost!

Complement Essential
CECILIA N. (Oxnard, US)
Essential Multivitamin

Purchased the Complement Essential multivitamin and have been very happy with it. Love the mint flavor of the vitamins, almost reminds me of chocolate chip mint ice cream!

Complement Essential
RITA K. (Spokane, US)
Awesome vitamins!

I just started 7 mos of taking Complement vitamins, I took the ingredient label to my naturopathic doctor before ordering. She said they look great! Yes, get them! Sometimes one tablet/capsule will come open in package and have a little algae smell, but honestly there is no aftertaste or tummy upset, even on an empty stomach. Easy to swallow too!

Complement Essential
Alicia F. (New Braunfels, US)
Wonderful for WFPB people!

I am so grateful that I finally found a quality supplement that focuses only on the nutrients that I need eating a WFPB diet.

Unflavored Organic Protein
Lisa S. (Oakland, US)

Unflavored Organic Protein

Complement Essential
Alissa L. (Roswell, US)
All you need in 1 dose

I love the fact that I only have to take 3 pills a day to complete my vitamin an minerals needs. I also am happy that the capsules are now made Seed Oil Free!!!

Complement Essential
Ann A. (New York, US)
Essential Multi-Vitamins, B-12, Omega 3's

No complaints - glad you exist! Makes staying on a plant-based diet less worrisome.

I have not received the vitamins yet

Janet, please send an email to our support team and they will sort it out for you. You can reach them at Thanks!

Complement Essential
Michael H. (Killeen, US)

Delivery was done quickly…like the newer version of the vitamins…more streamlined and easier to swallow!

Complement Essential
G M. (Hesperia, US)
So far so good

I have only had the supplements a few days, however it is reassuring to be able to fill the vegan nutrients “gap” .

Complement Essential
Don H. (Tulsa, US)
Worth Every Penny

I recently switched to a plant-based diet and worried about not getting enough critical micronutrients. So I did some poking around and landed on Complement. What a relief! I feel like I can trust that the products being offered are developed by people who have a personal interest in their utility and that they have been carefully formulated and independently verified. I have been taking the vitamins, gut health, protein, and daily greens for a while now and feel great. It's one less thing to worry about while trying to do something nice for the planet.

Complement Essential
Pene C. (Houston, US)

I am on my first month of taking these vitamins and so far I am very pleased. There is no after taste and are easy on my stomach. I am hopeful it will help with my hair loss but is too soon to tell.

Complement Essential
Barb S. (Chesterfield, US)

Complement Essential

Tasty and it clicks all the good vibes/sustainable buttons.

Love that the packaging is compostable and that there is no scoop in the bag. I finally can repurpose an old scoop (of which I have many)! The taste is better than most pea protein powders I've tried, and I am happy to pay a premium price for all the sustainable design, the transparent testing for harmful chemicals and metals, and the meals donated with my purchase.

Complement Essential
Betty B. (Portland, US)
Shipment too early

Hello, I advised someone to hold my shipment until July. Then I received an email that they were sending me my next order. I emailed immediately but they had already processed this order. PLEASE no more Complement UNTIL NOVEMBER. I also had Covid-19 in March and did not take Complement for about 3 weeks.
Thanks for your understanding.
Betty Barkley

Hello Betty! Please email to ensure your subscription is held until your requested date. Thanks!

Stellar Customer Service

I had an issue with a product damaged in shipping. I emailed and it was handled with absolute top notch service. Isabelle is outstanding and took great care of me!

Unflavored Organic Protein
Kassandra K. (Fort Wayne, US)

Absolutely incredible. Tastes great. Mixes well. Already ordered more.

Complement Essential
Linda S. (Providence, US)

Five stars