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Whether you’re plant-based for your health, the environment, or the animals, you are one of us. You're making the world a brighter place, ensuring a better tomorrow for our next generation. So we're dedicated to providing you with the knowledge about, and access to, the essential nutrients required to thrive and make sure that you are the best possible version of you.

Matt & Matt


By consuming plants in whole form, you maximize the intake of almost every critical nutrient — but to optimize your diet for performance and long-term health, there are a few pieces of the puzzle missing. A few critical nutrients that are harder to get from whole plants. A few that, while not so hard, can be inconvenient to source sometimes.

Like many health-conscious vegans, we used to rely on supplements to fill these gaps. But buying multiple bottles of isolated supplements is expensive and inconvenient. And multivitamins often contain too much of everything you don’t really need, and too little of the nutrients you do. We weren’t content with that for ourselves, and it was absolutely not something we wanted to give to our families.

We think our kids - and you! - deserve the purest, safest, and best-designed vegan nutrients in the world. What we wanted for them wasn’t a supplement, but rather, a complement: a simple way of getting the exact nutrients missing from a reasonably diverse plant-based diet … and absolutely nothing more.

"We think our kids - and you! - deserve the purest, safest, and best-designed vegan nutrients in the world."

Unfortunately, that didn’t exist. So we got to work.

Years of research and nearly 215,000 shipments of Complement later, we’re now able to do so much more! Like innovating a biodegradeable pouch for our Complement Protein to help reduce the number of half-empty plastic tubs that end up polluting our oceans.

Or using a percentage of our profits to help plant hundreds of trees and feed all of the rescue animals at the Living with Harmony shelter. (That’s not just a donation... your purchase actually helps us cover ALL of the food-related costs for their animal residents.)

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Our children and families were the real motivation behind starting on this journey - and it’s your support that makes it possible to continue on our path!

Matt & Matt,


The Process


We started out with the simple idea of creating a blend of the 3 essential nutrients that vegans need: B12, Vitamin D3, and DHA/EPA Omega-3s (long chain, poly-unsaturated fatty acids, if you want to get scientific about it). And we wanted it in the purest form possible, where we knew exactly what went into the product and where it came from.

The algae we use in our Complement spray, for example, come from indoor vertical farms - biophotoreactors - which look like something you'd find on a spaceship. The algae used for Complement Plus are grown farms in Texas and New Mexico utilizing wind and solar energy. Both allow us to get the DHA and EPA Omegas right from the source, without any exposure to environmental pollutants, like the heavy metals and micro-plastics (sadly) in our oceans.

And of course, we make sure everything is cruelty-free. The Vitamin D3, by way of example, comes from lichen, which is sort of like a mushroom. Lichen is hard to find, but it’s the only vegan source of D3, which is usually harvested from sheep’s wool.

All of our products are made in the USA (California, to be specific), and every single batch of our products undergoes a rigorous set of tests to ensure it contains all that it should - and nothing that it shouldn’t. We’re not happy with anything but the highest standards possible, because we wouldn’t give anything less to our kids, or to you!

When it comes to food or supplements, feeling confident that it’s pure and safe is critically important, which is why we don’t withhold any details from you.

Learn more about our sourcing and testing procedures.

We've worked with dozens of Medical Doctors and Registered Dietitians and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development to create the best nutrient solutions for plant-based eaters. And we're willing to back that up, 100%.

Here's how our 100% Happy Guarantee makes your next order completely risk-free:

100% Happy

We stand behind our products 100%. If you're not happy with the results, taste, or experience, we'll fix it.

100-Day Guarantee

You have a full 100 days after receiving your product to try it out and see if it's the right fit for you.

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And if you don't love it within the first 100 days, we'll issue a full refund. No questions asked. No fine print. That's the Complement guarantee.