plantapalooza fitness over 40

day 7

headliner interviews

If we had a word cloud created from the past six days of interviews, "habit" and "ritual" would be the standouts.

The reason they keep coming up, interview after interview?

Because our daily habits are what build consistency.

And there's no better example of the power of consistent focus on health and fitness than today's Headliners, ranging from the 88-year-old Ann Esselstyn to Maxime Sigouin who's less than half her age.


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How does "America's Healthy Heart Doc" maintain a fit lifestyle?

He eats a whole food plant-based diet and works standing up (or walking), for starters, but he credits consistent strength training and movement breaks for taking it to the next level.

In today's interview, Dr. Joel Kahn shares his daily routines, along with the cardio-wellness mindset that has transformed the lives of his patients.

Jane and Ann Esselstyn

If there are two people who exemplify the "Fit Over 40" lifestyle, it's Jane and Ann Esselstyn.

Through their bestselling books, Jane and Ann have been exemplifying the value of embracing bold, healthy choices when it comes to what you eat and how you move, and in today's video, they outline the strategies for creating delicious plant-based meals, integrating fitness into your lifestyle, and building consistency.

Maxime Sigouin

Inspired but don't know where to start?

Maxime Sigouin, founder of Fit Vegan, provides a detailed plan for how to transform your body to achieve your goals.

Maxime offers his expertise on preserving and building muscle while losing fat, and emphasizes the crucial role of mindset and consistency in achieving and maintaining a healthy, fit body.

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