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day 6

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Let's talk about routines...

Routines can save you time, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

Some routines come naturally (chances are you developed a pre-bed routine without much thought), but others require more effort to build.

Once they're established, however, they can transform how you eat, sleep, and work out.

For day seven of Plantapalooza, we're speaking with three people who have used the power of routine building in very different ways to achieve similar life-changing results.

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Darin Olien

According to Darin Olien, highly processed foods, sedentary habits, and everyday comforts are making us less healthy.

The anecdote? Building a lifestyle around healthy superfoods and movement.

In today's interview, Darin delves into the essentials of living a holistic lifestyle, with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of health, environment, and personal choices.

He shares his secrets to a superfood-heavy diet, a sustainable workout routine, and lifestyle hacks.


If you're looking for someone following a no-BS approach to health and fitness, look no further than Javant.

After a personal health scare, Javant knew he had to make a drastic change to his diet. So he did, first by following the paleo diet before following the research toward a plant-based diet.

The results of his efforts quickly paid off, and he's now developed a diet and fitness routine built on science, consistency, and efficiency.

In today's interview, Javant shares what has worked for him, what hasn't, and tips for how to build a routine to fit your goals and lifestyle.

Kiki Nelson

When Kiki started her weight loss journey (where she lost 70 pounds), traditional workout advice wasn't working.

CrossFit and high-intensity workouts left her dreading each day.

So she took a radically different approach. One built around an incredibly simple routine nearly everyone could incorporate almost immediately.

Today, Kiki shares her story and how movement went from something she despised to what she most looked forward to each day.

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