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day 4

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Fitness for longevity isn't void of short-term goals or gains.

In fact, a desire to hit new personal records or achievements can play an integral role in keeping you focused and motivated.

What makes a longevity approach to fitness different is how it is designed with long-term health in mind.

Today we have contributions from three experts thriving at this very thing — establishing a lifestyle built around long-term health:

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Charlie Engle

At 61, Charlie Engle continues to challenge himself and impress the world through mindboggling ultra-endurance races and challenges such as the Badwater 135 and running across the Sahara Desert.

As a recovering addict and convicted felon, Charlie has transformed his life through prioritizing fitness and a plant-based diet.

In today's interview, Charlie shares how he uses goals to maintain motivation and practical tips for endurance training, recovery, and sustainability.

Laurentine ten bosch

After watching a loved one battle a chronic disease, Laurentine made it her mission to help others make the connection between diet and long-term health. Her films and story have gone on to inspire millions of people to eat a plant-forward diet and prevent or reverse debilitating diseases.

Through practical advice and powerful storytelling, Laurentine outlines her approach to proactive health management and movement to help you live your best life.

Note: There are a few times Laurentine mentions fish as a health food. While that's not the view of Complement, we pride ourselves in hearing other perspectives and creating space for differing opinions to encourage a healthy discourse.

Matt Frazier

Fitness is an indicator of cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal, and immune health — which in and of itself will help you live longer — but arguably more importantly, it also plays a direct role in your quality of life.


Being active, independent, and pain-free is key to happiness and health for many of us, and is only obtainable through maintaining a certain level of fitness as we age.


So how do we maintain a high level of fitness late in life?


In the Longevity Fitness Blueprint NYT bestselling author of The Plant-Based Athlete, Matt Frazier, outlines a simple structure to help you build and maintain fitness with long-term health as the goal.

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