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day 3

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There are three components to fitness, each integral to your success:

  1. Physical activity (to build strength and endurance)
  2. Diet and nutrition (to provide energy and aid recovery)
  3. Mindset (to stay motivated and maintain positive thinking)

All three must work in synergy -- when one falls short, they all suffer.

For day three of Plantapalooza, we're interviewing two experts in managing these three pillars:

  • Dr. Laurie Marbas, MD on Optimizing Your Plant-Based Diet for Energy, Fitness, and Weight Management
  • Dotsie Bausch on The Olympian’s Mindset to Fitness, Nutrition, and Longevity

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dr. laurie marbas, md

The secret to optimizing your nutrition according to Dr. Laurie Marbas?


In today's interview, Dr. Marbas emphasizes curiosity and purpose as keys to maintaining energy and long-term health, plus she dives into specifics around weight management, processed vs. whole foods, and debunking a series of nutrition myths that are keeping you from living your healthiest life.


 From battling anorexia to becoming a medal-winning cyclist at the 2012 Olympics, Dotsie Bausch has mastered the art of discipline and determination.

But what does she credit in large part for her success? A plant-based diet, which helped her transform her gain fitness, recover faster, and transform her health.

In today's interview Dotsie shares insights on finding joy in exercise, overcoming self-criticism, and fueling your body with the right nutrients to support recovery.

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