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Welcome to the first day of the Plantapalooza Fit Over 40 festival! The next eight days have the power to transform you approach to and thinking around fitness for long-term health.

Whether you're 41 and already a regular gym-goer or 67 and refocusing on health for the first time in years, the takeaways from the 20+ interviews and resources will help provide a roadmap for a long, healthy life.

To kick things off, we just released three interviews that help set the tone for the remainder of the festival.

Dr. Poonam Desai, DO and Ocean Robbins share their lifestyle secrets to living a fit, balanced life, and Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD introduces the connection between fitness and nutrition — especially through the gut.

Dive in, take notes, and let's make today the start of a monumental shift in your approach to long-term health.

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Dr. Poonam Desai, DO

Dr. Poonam is a visonary leder in the field of anti-aging, longevity, and digital health innovation. She marries a holistic approach with precision medicine to zero in on the lifestyle practices and strategies that will work best for your overall health and well-being.

In this Headliner interview, Dr. Poonam discusses the specific biomarker tests and technologies she recommends for monitoring your health, how fitness routines shift with age, the importantance of prioritizing happiness, and a whole lot more.

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, MD

You probably already know how important gut health is to immunity and energy, but did you know it's also connected to fitness?

In today's Plantapalooza interview, Dr. Will Bulsziewics, MD — the world's leading plant-based gut expert — shares the specific exercises that most positively impact your gut microbiome, plus how gut health support the maintenance of muscle mass, strength, and overall fitness levels.

Ocean Robbins

Successful fitness habits aren't built in a silo — they're interwoven with other diet, lifestyle, and mindfulness practices we do daily.

Ocean Robbins, co-founder & CEO of the Food Revolution Network, has mastered the art of pairing healthy habits to achieve both health and happiness at the same time.

In this interview, Ocean breaks down the process of habit building, along with the three pillars of ensuring they're successful.

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