Insight is a membership program that uses ongoing, at-home diagnostic testing and a Registered Dietitian to design a truly personalized nutrient regimen that adapts with you and your plant-based lifestyle — to ensure you’re thriving today and for the long-run.

No two plant-based diets are identical and no single body shares the exact same requirements with the next.

You have your own unique history, genetic makeup, lifestyle, and goals that all factor into making your nutritional needs very specific to you.

So while doctors and nutritionists who don’t specialize in plant-based diets can make broad recommendations, you won’t know exactly which nutrients you need – until you gain Insight.

Your body's
nutritional needs
are ever-evolving.

And we’re here to help you evolve with them.

What you get


CLIA-Certified Lab Testing

Key micronutrients (B12, D3, Omega-3)


Analysis of 7

Focused on inflammation, and lipids.

(Available January 2023)


Registered Dietitian Review and Ongoing Nutrition Coaching

Detailed guidance and review from a Registered Dietitian and unlimited support from expert nutritionists.


Daily Nutrient

Nutrients and dosages based on your test results and reviewed by a Registered Dietitian.

The first at-home diagnostic test designed specifically to support your plant-based lifestyle.

Insight measures multiple nutrient levels and biomarkers in your body and helps identify where you may be out-of-range. From there, we’ll provide you with your own unique blend of nutrients based on your specific needs and continue to help optimize your health and performance.

Insight will identity your levels of:

• Vitamin B12

Helps keep nerve and blood cells healthy.

• Vitamin D3

Helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus.

• Iron (Ferritin)

Transports oxygen through your body.
(Available January 2023)

• DHA and EPA (Omega-3 fatty acids)

Aids in regulation of blood flow and inflammation

As well as track key biomarkers related to lipids and inflammation (available January 2023):

• Homocysteine

Cardiovascular risk factor.

• hsCRP

Marker of inflammation.

• Total Cholesterol

Blood flow and artery health.


The “good” cholesterol, indicates lower risk of heart disease.


The “bad” cholesterol, heart disease risk factor.

• Triglycerides

Risk factor for hardening of the artery walls.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1

Take the Tests

Collect your samples for B12, D3, and Omega-3, and send them off to get processed at our third- party, CLIA-certified lab. Starting in January 2023, this will also include testing to track key biomarkers related to lipids and inflammation.

Step 2

Get Your Results &
RD Recommendations

Receive your labs securely on the Complement Well app. You’ll get individual reports on different nutrient levels and biomarkers so you know exactly where you stand. A plant-based Registered Dietitian will also review your results to further personalize your nutrition. 

Step 3

Start Your Personalized
RD Guided Solution

Daily nutrient packets, precisely designed for you and reviewed by a Registered Dietitian, with dosages directly reflecting any nutrient gaps and flagged biomarkers from your test results. Your packets will always include Complement Essential as a baseline for your nutrient intake with the option of adding on extra enriching supplements (ie. Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Calcium).

Step 4

Ongoing Optimization

Ongoing testing (every 6 months) allows our Registered Dietitians to make adjustments to your nutrition regimen as needed, an watch your health improve over time.

Step 5

Expert Nutritional

Access to nutritionists specializing in plant-based health, to fine tune your regimen and support you along the way.

Optimizing your health
is an ongoing journey.

Stop guessing what you might need.

A well-rounded, plant-based approach to nutrition is healthy and sustainable, but like every diet, it has its shortcomings. It’s widely known that plant-based eaters can have low levels of vitamin B12, vitamin D3, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients. So how can you be sure you’re getting enough?

We created the Complement Essential multivitamin to help solve the dilemma of how to get enough key nutrients on a plant-based diet, but we wanted to go beyond that and offer an individualized approach to nutrition.

Common signs of nutritional deficiencies:

Low energy - brain fog - hair loss - muscle cramping - sore joints - dry eyes - cold hands and feet - poor night vision - constipation - brittle nails

Why do vitamins and mineral deficiencies manifest in these ways?

Take omega-3s, for example. Without enough omega-3s, your brain can’t function at its best, showing up as symptoms like brain fog, low concentration, and memory loss. These essential fatty acids support proper blood flow to the brain, making sure our cognitive and memory functions are operating at optimal levels.

Take control of your health.

If you’ve been a plant-based eater for a while, you may have asked yourself some similar questions:

Why am I feeling so tired even though I’m eating a healthy plant-based diet?

Are all those nuts and seeds that I’ve been eating helping my heart-health?

How are my hair and nails still so brittle if I’m juicing every morning?

Are my current supplements giving me all the nutrients I actually need?

Identify root causes
and start healing
yourself from the
inside out.

Insight gives you

laboratory results

that offer peace of mind, knowing your answers are backed by sound science.

Fast feedback
on your nutrition,

so you can troubleshoot any imbalances before they become health hazards.

A personalized, RD designed regimen

to address your exact nutritional requirements and optimize your plant-based lifestyle.

follow-up testing

to ensure you’re catching deficiencies early on and constantly adapting your nutrition to fit your body’s evolving needs.

From Our Founder
Matt Tullman

“When I made the switch to a plant-based diet, it did not go smoothly. About 2 years in, I had low energy and poor focus, and just felt like something was off. Then my fingernails started to peel off…

That’s when I knew something was wrong.

I didn’t know how wrong until I visited my doctor and received a diagnosis of ‘systemic rheumatoid-like inflammation.’ He suggested that I get hormone therapy and most of all, he said that I needed to stop eating a vegan diet.

I’m a fairly stubborn person, so I dug deeper with micronutrient testing, and discovered that my plant-based diet was missing some key nutrients – namely Omega-3’s EPA and DHA, B12, and Vitamin D.

With this information I was able to make the necessary adjustments to my plant-based nutrition in order to get my nutrient levels to a safe and healthy place.

After having seen the benefits that testing micronutrients and biomarkers has brought to others, I decided to try this for myself. I found that I had high homocysteine (which contributes to heart disease) due to a genetic trait.

With this knowledge, and by optimizing my daily nutrient regime, I was able to lower my homocysteine levels by more than 30% simply by adding Alpha-lipoic acid for the past 3 months. (ALA is common in red meat and other foods that I don’t eat.)

This is the sort of active engagement, end-to-end personalization, and continual optimization that we’re now able to deliver to our community.”

And that’s why we’re excited to share Complement Insight – so that fellow plant-based eaters can have the knowledge they need to thrive and the means to achieve it.

Matt Tullman

Co-Founder, and Dad

Evidence-Based Personalized Nutrition

Personalize your nutrition with a program designed specifically for you and your plant-based diet. Test, gain insight, optimize your health, thrive, and repeat.

Ongoing Certified Lab Testing
Personalized Daily Nutrient Packets
Registered Dietitian Review and Ongoing Nutrition Coaching
  • Personalized daily nutrient pack designed for you by a Registered Dietitian, based on your test results
  • Key micronutrient testing (B12, D3, Omega-3)
  • Complement Essential included in every nutrient packet
  • Member pricing for any additional nutrients (ranging $5-9 per month), conveniently included in your daily pill packet

Asked Questions Frequently

Why not just get a blood test from a doctor?

There are several reasons why using INSIGHT may be preferable to visiting a physician’s office.

  • It’s more convenient and private. You don’t have to wait for an appointment or leave home.
  • It’s more comfortable and less intimidating. The INSIGHT blood tests require only a small sample, obtained with the prick of a finger. No big syringes or vials of blood!
  • INSIGHT may be less expensive than ordering blood work through your doctor and our prices are locked in no surprise costs or bills.
  • Your doctor may not specialize in plant-based diets or take your lifestyle choice into consideration (if we had a dollar for every time someone recommended that we add some salmon to our diets…)
  • Results are just as accurate as what you’d get from a doctor’s office. Our lab is CLIA-certified to ensure the highest standards and practices.
  • INSIGHT can help keep you accountable. If you’re uncomfortable visiting the doctor and tend to put off your checkups as a result, INSIGHT may provide an opportunity to get crucial information about your health in a less invasive, more personalized way that’s on YOUR terms.

What does the Insight test kit include?

In each INSIGHT kit, you will receive three separate tests:

  • Vitamin D test
  • Omega-3 Index test
  • Vitamin B12 test

Does the test hurt?

INSIGHT requires two blood samples, but both are achieved by a quick finger prick. It’s minimally invasive and is over before you know it!

How long will my results take?

Plan on 2-3 weeks from when the laboratory receives your sample, but oftentimes, it will take as little as 1-2 weeks.

Do I have to order Complement Essential separately from Insight?

No. Complement Essential is included in your personalized nutrient packets with your INSIGHT membership.

Will I be able to read my results? Or will I have to take them to a doctor?

Your results will be delivered through the Complement Well app, and any nutrient deficiencies will be clearly marked. You’ll also be able to see which of your values are considered adequate, optimal, or excessive. INSIGHT labs are easy to understand and interpret.

Where are my tests sent?

INSIGHT test samples are processed by an independent, CLIA-certified lab that serves researchers and clinicians as well as consumers. In fact, our partner lab was founded by the scientists who created the Omega-3 Index back in 2004 – the protocol that set the standard for measuring blood levels of DHA and EPA fatty acids.

Is my data safe?

Your health and safety (and that includes your privacy) are our utmost priority, and that’s why we focus on data security. You’re always in control of what information you choose to share with us, and we will never share your data with any other business or government entity. We also ensure that all personal information is stored on HIPAA-compliant, secure servers. Your test sample will be disposed of after the laboratory analysis is complete (unless it is otherwise legally required by the laboratory to maintain physical samples). If you have any questions about data or security, please contact us or check out our privacy policy.

What if I just bought a bunch of Complement Essential?

We know this timing will be perfect for some people, OK for others, and really bad for those of you who just received a fresh batch of Complement Essential. For those who have enough on hand, no worries. When it comes time to assemble your personalized nutrient packets, we’ll be able to remove the CE and will discount your membership accordingly!

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