Does eating a healthier, whole-food plant-based diet feel out of reach?


You could follow the typical advice repeated across the internet...


  • Spend your Sunday meal prepping.
  • Use this cookbook or that meal planner (often filled with unfamiliar ingredients).
  • Buy new kitchen gadgets like a pressure cooker or air fryer.


For some people, those tips might be useful.


But when you're busy with work or school, juggling meals for a family, or unconfident in the kitchen, scheduling additional time for prep and complicated recipes can feel like an insurmountable burden.


That's the way it felt for Jill and Jeffrey Dalton when they first started eating a plant-based diet.


Neither of them enjoyed cooking, and most of the foods they tried to cook were foreign.


So they put together a strategy that has made their meals not only healthy, but fun, quick, and easily repeatable.


And now each week they share their meals with hundreds of thousands of people through the Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show.


Today we sit down with Jill and Jeffrey, who share their journey to whole food plant-based cooking, and how the method they used to transform their diet.


Watch the interview, here:

Here's what we discuss:


  • Vegan vs WFPB: What's the difference and where's the balance?
  • How to transition to a plant-based diet without giving up your favorite flavors.
  • Healthy whole food plant-based meals for busy people.
  • Don't feel confident in the kitchen? Here's what you should do.
  • The art of getting your partners, kids, or even skeptical friends on board with your plant-based journey.

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