Here's a shocking stat:  


It's estimated that the global weight loss industry — built around crash diets, liquid meal replacements, and appetite suppression — was worth over $220 billion in 2021.


And it's only growing year over year.


And yet, studies show that the vast majority of dieters (anywhere from 37-97%, depending on the study) consider it a failure.


Either they never lost the weight to begin with or gain it back as soon as they go off their diet.  


There has to be a better way...


And according to Kiki Nelson, a bestselling author and founder of Plantiful Kiki, there is.


It's sustainable (so you don't regain the weight), flexible (no crazy crash diets), and does a whole lot more for your health than just helping you shed a few pounds.


As part of today's Headliner event, Kiki walks us through how she lost over 70 pounds on a bountiful plant-based diet, and what she has learned from years of coaching others to do the same.


Plus she goes deep on correcting hormonal imbalances and deficiencies that lead to hair loss.


Watch the interview, here:

Here's what we discuss:


  • The wakeup call that changed Kiki's life
  • Processed vs. Whole, how do you find a balance?
  • Successfully introducing healthier foods to your kids
  • Weightloss plateaus: How to deal with them
  • A sustainable approach to combating cravings


Bonus: Reversing Hair Loss by Addressing Deficiencies


In addition to the interview above, we had a candid chat with Kiki about her hair loss and the steps she has taken to reverse it.

Watch the conversation, here:

Kiki's Plantapalooza Pick:


"Complement Essential helped give me the vitamins and minerals needed to reverse my hair loss. I also love that my family is getting these key nutrients that enhance a plant-based diet."

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