It's now clear:


You can succeed as an athlete while eating a plant-based diet.


From endurance runners to professional football players, athletes across disciplines are going vegan and breaking records.


But does thriving as a plant-based athlete require certain considerations or care?


For example, does plant protein help build and repair muscle the same way animal protein does?


And what about calories and creatine?


In today's interview with Matt Frazier, NY Times bestselling author of The Plant-Based Athlete and founder of No Meat Athlete, we don't dwell on the question of if it's possible...


Matt cuts straight to what you need to know about how to thrive as a plant-based athlete.


Watch the interview, here:

Here's what we discuss:


  • Let's put the big protein question to rest
  • Do athletes need a creatine supplement?
  • The handful of nutrients plant-based athletes need to consider
  • Proper recovery for longevity in your sport
  • Fueling young plant-based athletes
  • A bulletproof blueprint for successful fitness habits

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