We need a food revolution.

In the United States, we spend 19% of our entire Gross Domestic Product on healthcare — 80% of which is treating the symptoms of chronic disease.

Chronic diseases that are directly fueled by diet and lifestyle.

As Ocean Robbins, a bestselling author and co-founder of Food Revolution Network, puts it:

Our healthcare system isn't helping people get better, we're just trying to manage an ongoing breakdown.

But there's some good news:

A recent study published in Plus Medicine found that switching from a typical diet to an optimal plant-centered diet — even as late as the age of 60 — could add eight more healthy years of life.

And if you start sooner you can add even more.

In this first Plantapalooza Headliner discussion, Ocean outlines his approach to helping people make that life-changing transformation.

An approach that has helped millions of people set off their individual food revolutions.

Watch the interview, here:

Here's what we discuss:


  • We need a food revolution: Here's why.
  • What changes would need to happen to make any systemic changes to our food and healthcare systems?
  • Is the answer a plant-based diet?
  • Why whole foods are the answer for combating chronic disease.
  • The vegan junk food line — when can you cross it?
  • The role of food on your mental health.
  • Ocean's 3 nutrition takeaways after speaking to hundreds of the world's best nutrition scientists and experts.


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