The term "superfood" gets thrown around a lot.

Greens are superfoods. Beans are superfoods. Nuts and seeds, all superfoods.

But according to author Doug Evans, you can turn each of those superfoods into "ultra-foods" with one simple technique:

Sprouting them.

And you can do it in just a few days, directly on your kitchen counter.

In this Plantapalooza interview, Doug shares the power of sprouts for foundational long-term health, immunity, and disease prevention.

Plus he walks you through how to get started at home with little more than seeds and a mason jar.

Watch the interview, here:

Here are the topics discussed in the interview:


  • Doug's infamous "come to cucumber" moment
  • How food insecurity is killing people
  • Doug's sprout meditation (yes, you read that right)
  • The bioavailability of sprouts vs. seeds... Why not just eat seeds?
  • The anti-inflammatory effects of sprouted legumes
  • Sprouting 101: How to start sprouting at home