There's a major problem with the standard American diet — even the standard vegan diet — and Rip Esselstyn isn't afraid to name the consequence:

The way most people eat is killing them.

But Rip is fired up about the results he sees in people who make a shift.

From young firemen to retired office workers, the guiding principles of a PLANTSTRONG diet have changed tens of thousands of lives.

And these rules, or "pillars" aren't flashy or trendy. They go back to the basics of healthy eating and living.

In this Plantapalooza interview, Rip walks us through the seven pillars of eating for a long, strong, fruitful life.

Watch the interview, here:

Here are the topics discussed in the interview:


  • The devastating issues with a standard American diet
  • Build an environment that looks like your goals
  • Stop drinking your calories (yes, even smoothies)
  • Calorie density 101
  • Why you might be protein-toxic?
  • Salt, sugar, and fat — how do they fit into a WFPB diet?