Even one of the world's leading heart doctors understands that no one is perfect.

Including him.

Diet, fitness, lifestyle... there has to be room for flexibility.

So according to Dr. Joel Kahn, MD, it comes down to making decisions that offer the biggest impact...

Allowing for flexibility (because life requires it) and focusing your efforts on the lifestyle choices that make a real difference in longevity and well-being.

For the final interview in the 2023 Plantapalooza series, we talk to Dr. Kahn about the approach he implements in his own life, and with countless patients at his practice.

Watch the interview, here:

Here's what we discuss:


  • The growing popularity of the carnivore diet — is there anything there?
  • You don't need meat to build muscle
  • What Dr. Kahn eats in a day for optimal heart health
  • How to handle cravings
  • Cholesterol 101
  • Is fasting a good idea?

Dr. Kahn's Plantapalooza Pick:


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Plantapalooza Clips: