Few parts of your body impact your health as much as your gut.

A healthy gut microbiome can boost your energy, elevate your immunity, and increase your longevity.

An unhealthy gut does the opposite... creating a lot of bloating and digestive discomfort in the process.

But what exactly is a gut microbiome, and how does a plant-centered diet impact it?

That's what we dive into with Dahlia Marin, RDN, LD, CGN and James Marin, RD, two of the world's leading plant-based gut health specialists and the founders of Married to Health.

Watch the full interview, here:

Here's what we discuss:


  • What is gut health (and why does it matter?)
  • Why a plant-based diet is the best first step for improving your gut microbiome, but not the last step.
  • Rewilding your gut microbiome after antibiotics.
  • Environment vs. food — which plays a bigger role?
  • The bioactivity of the foods we eat.
  • If you forget everything else, remember this tip...


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