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day 5

headliner interviews

Today's Plantapalooza theme?


Both physical and mental.

Today we're speaking to three experts with very different backgrounds, but who are all fantastic examples of overcoming struggles and staying focused to build a lifestyle you're proud of.

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Drew Harrisberg

Drew Harrisberg is an exercise physiologist and plant-based athlete living with Type 1 diabetes, who has made it his mission to provide you with the tools required to live your best life.

Switching it up from the interviews we've seen up until now, Drew shares an in-depth seminar on how to live stronger to support long-term health.

Here's what he covers:  

  • How to increase muscle size (hypertrophy)
  • How to increase muscle strength (neuromuscular)
  • How to improve bone strength (BMD)
  • How to increase cardiovascular fitness (VO2max)

This is an in-depth, science-back look at fitness and longevity, and one you definitely don't want to skip.

kris carr

There are moments in life when we have to make a choice — to let bad news or challenges define who we are, or embrace them and redefine them for the good.

As a self-proclaimed "cancer thriver," Kris Carr has taken that second approach... helping millions discover resilience and heal through self-care, positivity, and a holistic approach to wellness.

In today's interview, Kris shares how a plant-based diet has been integral to her health, and practical dietary and lifestyle advice for helping you live happier for longer.

Joe de sena

The Spartan lifestyle, as Spartan Race's founder, Joe de Sena describes it, is one centered around endurance, resilience, and relentless discipline. It is about not being afraid to challenge yourself and developing mental fortitude through overcoming obstacles.

Building that sort of mental and physical strength starts with daily habits that allow you to approach discomfort and thrive on persistence.

In today's interview, Joe shares the incredible health transformation he went through, and how a simple mindset shift can help you flourish in fitness and life.

Note: Some explicit language was used throughout this interview.

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