Complement Single - 6 Months Prepaid Subscription
Complement Single - 6 Months Prepaid Subscription Complement Single - 6 Months Prepaid Subscription
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Complement Single - 6 Months Prepaid Subscription

Complement Vegan Vitamin Spray - Two Month Supply


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Complement™ brings together, in one place, the three essential nutrients that are missing from a reasonably diverse, whole food plant-based diet — it's everything you need to complement your diet, and nothing you don't.

This is a prepaid subscription. You will receive one bottle every two months, for a total of 3 bottles (6-month supply). This ensures you're getting your Complement as fresh as possible, while allowing you to lock in the lowest price.

Each daily serving contains: 

  • Vitamin B12: 1,000 mcg (methylcobalamin)
  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 IU of the only truly vegan D3 available (Vitashine) 
  • Omega-3s: 300 mg of DHA sourced from lab-grown algae to ensure purity

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 103 reviews
      Excellent Product

      We’ve used Complement for several years. It’s a high quality Vegan product with excellent & reliable customer service.

      Pleasant tasting

      I really like this version of Complement. It’s pleasant tasting and I don’t need a glass of water to take it. Also I can spray it on my salad as an alternative way to take it.


      Complement Vegan Vitamin Spray | Premium Plant-Based Nutrition

      “just the facts, mam”

      Quick , easy with only just what is needed. No filler or things I cant say!


      It was good enough. I just left the Plant Based Vegan life style.


      I appreciate the quality of the product but at this point in my life it is easier to take the capsules.

      Our only supplement

      I was never one for multi vitamins as most would make me nauseous, so I tended to steer clear. Being a WFPB vegan and eating the rainbow nourishes my body like never before. However living in the PNW and recognizing the need everyone has for B12 I wanted it all from one source & I found that in complement. Now I buy it so our whole family can use it. We generally just squirt it into our fruit & oat bowls in the morning. If I forget I just squirt it in my mouth. I feel good that myself and my family are able to get the B12 our food does not provide & the D3 when we are not seeing the sun as much as we would like to.

      Pump really sucks

      I love the nutritional benefits of the vitamins but the pump really is problematic. I can never get a full pump and I have to move the head around every pump I attempt...and not a full pump comes out.