Vitamins engineered for your plant-based diet.


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Complement Protein (your standing order)

The cleanest vegan protein powder, period. Free of fillers, additives, and artificial flavors, this 5 ingredient, real food powder is designed to be a natural, healthy boost of complete protein without all the junk. It even comes in a fully biodegradable bag so you're not junking up the environment either.

Complement Plus (shipped every 60 days)

Your all-in-one solution to make supplementing a vegan diet easy, with B12, D3, Algae-based DHA/EPA, K2, Iodine, magnesium, Selenium, Zinc. The nutrients included in Complement Plus boost energy, improve sleep, enhance immunity, and a whole lot more, rounding out your vegan diet to promote optimal health and longevity.


The price of Complement Plus alone is $71, but right now you can add it to your existing subscription for just $35 extra.

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