Together is how we get through this...

We’re all currently facing an unprecedented situation that has left so many of us afraid, and most of us trying to figure out how to just make it through the coming weeks.

We’re doing the best we can and we're all still healthy, and thank goodness for postal carriers, Fedex, and UPS who continue to deliver Complement to your door.

Frankly we’re probably in a better place than many businesses around the country. Though, personally, I’m about 1 week from welcoming our second child into the world, so it’s a whole different level of worry.

We’ll be just fine because we have a great support network. And it made me realize: if there is one thing that is very obvious to me, the way we get through this is by standing together and helping each other, in whatever way we can.

So that’s why, for the time being, we’re lowering the prices for Complement. We know that it's one of those essential things that can potentially help with immunity and we believe that solidarity is more important than profits in situations like this. (And we’re kinda shocked to see so many other companies raising prices as demand increases.)

Hopefully, this will allow more people can add it to their daily self-care routine. We’re 99% certain it’s more useful than having the extra roll of toilet paper we’ve all been stockpiling!

All jokes aside... it’s what we believe is the right thing to do right now.

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