Everything you need to know about optimizing your plant-based diet.

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  • A simple breakdown of the hard-to-get nutrients, and where to find them in real food.
  • How to optimize for energy and longevity – and the science to back it up.
  • What the science is telling the evidence-based community around supplements relative to a plant-based diet.
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Eric V. (Reno, US)
Plant based Dancer/Athlete

I’ve been plant based for the last 5 years. Once I started on the Complement Vitamins, I’ve seen a significant change in my health, energy, hair and nail growth, and overall I just feel good.
Thank you.

Stacy H. (Egg Harbor, US)
Best supplement EVER

I started taking complement months ago, I have noticed a big difference in overall health feeling every day life. I have been vegetarian for over 40 years, I have finally found MY supplement. Thank you

Monica B. (Anaheim, US)
Best Vegan Vitamins

A couple of black pills a day and I get the extra nutrients that I can’t get being a vegetarian.

Sally T. (Middlebury, US)
Wonderfully recommended!

Several people who love this plant-based vitamin have recommended it to me. I’m very excited to be using it now too!

Rebecca O. (Chicago, US)
So thrilled

I have been dealing some thyroid issues and as a result a lot of hairloss. I've taken the supplements for close to a month and have been very happy with the results