Protect Yourself and Your Family from the most common chronic vegan deficiencies — without taking a bunch of supplements.

Protect Yourself and Your Family from the most common chronic vegan deficiencies — without taking a bunch of supplements.


Simple. Clean. Smart. Whether you want just the bare essentials, or get all you need without resorting to multivitamins, we've got you covered!


Vegan Vitamin Spray


Provides: B12, D3 and DHA Omega-3s

Convenient spray form: spray directly in your mouth or use to fortify your meals, smoothies, salads...

Dosage: 5 sprays per day (1ml), 60 servings per bottle

Best stored in fridge

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As low as

$0.65 per day*

*Per person, on a subscription package


Provides: B12, D3, DHA+EPA Omega-3s, K2, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc

Smart capsule form: clean, 100% vegan and non-GMO gelcap

Dosage: 3 capsules per day, 60 servings per bottle

Shelf stable at room temperature

International shipping available

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As low as

$0.90 per day*

*Per person, on a subscription package


Smart Vegan Capsule

What our tribe says


Brain health and nervous system

B12, Omega-3s, Selenium

Blood cell formation, proper clotting, avoiding anemia

B12, K2

Heart health and cholesterol levels

D3, Magnesium, Omega-3s

Bone health

D3, K2

Energy levels

B12, Omega-3s, Magnesium

Mood and sleep

Magnesium, Selenium


Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc

Protection from cancers and cardiovascular diseases

D3, K2, Selenium

Thyroid function


Reproductive health

Selenium, Zinc

Immune system

B12, Zinc

Skin, hair & nails

Omega-3s, Zinc

Wondering which to choose?

Spray or capsule? You probably know the answer already... but just in case, here's a quick cheatsheet :)

  • Complement
  • Complement Plus


  • You want to cover the essentials and keep things as clean and simple as possible
  • You like the flexibility of the spray form
  • You don't like taking pills
  • You'll be sharing it with children*


*Please consult your pediatrician or RD before using Complement for your kids to determine their nutritional needs.


  • You want to cover all your bases, but don't want the unnecessary ingredients of a multivitamin
  • You prefer your supplements in capsule form
  • You often travel or spend a lot of time in places where refrigerated storage isn't possible
  • You're ordering outside the US.
Based on 221 reviews
So far, so good.

So far, so good. Looking forward to seeing things improve.


Security that we are getting the essential fatty acids we need and a comfort in knowing they are clean and safe

Greatness in simplicity

Love this product. Exactly what I need without the unnecessary extras.

Great company and products

These are the best folks to deal with. They are so responsive. Great products as well!!


I just love your products!

Complete Plus

I love the quality and the combination of supplements I was previously taking individually. This makes life easier.

Not Sure

I’ve been taking this product for a couple of months; on again off again. The first time I took this product after just a couple of weeks, I was feeling off; dizzy/ funny feelings in my head. So I stopped. It took about three weeks to feel back to normal.
I started taking the capsules again, and after a week, the feelings came back again.
My son takes this product without any side effects, but I have side effects very badly.i will no longer be using this product.

Really sorry to hear that Andrea - it's definitely NOT a common side-effect of Complement Plus (actually, first time we hear of it). If you haven't already, please speak to your doctor or a dietitian about what could possibly be causing it - and do let us know what they say!

Love how easy it is. I used to take each of these supplements separately anyway so now I don’t have to carry as many pills or worry that one needs to be ordered. I use the subscription service and that makes the process worry free

Easy to get the vegan necessities in one place

Getting the required supplements to support a vegan lifestyle in one pill is great. This has dramatically cut down on the time needed for sorting pills and is a cost effective way to get what I need.

No need to worry about multiple supplements

I love that it's got everything that I need, but only what I need and not more, in one supplement. Perfect.

Easy to take

I was looking for a supplement that is safe to take and this product is perfect. The capsules are so easy to swallow and don't give me any problem as I normally struggle to swallow other capsules.

A great product, meets the nutritional needs in a convenient form.

Only drawback for me personally is that the pungency of the orange flavor limits usability in non-sweet foods that I would like to use it in.

Happy with product

I am delighted to find so many needed nutrients in one product. The cost is very reasonable.


I am a healthy 72 year old vegan runner who is thrilled to never again have to second guess my daily micro-nutrient intake levels.
Thanks for providing me such an easy way of gaining this “peace of mind”!

Great Product!

Love this product! First time I ordered, I just did a one time order. Liked it so much that I decided to subscribe so I don't run out! Love that it has more than just Omega.

Great product

I love that it’s all I need to be on my way towards being the “ healthiest plant based human “ I can be!
Much easier than buying each micronutrient on its own - which was what I was doing before I gave this a try.

Perfect product

I am 90% vegan (I have yogurt now and again). My blood results for B12 and vitamin D were perfect! Thank you!

Great convenient product

Great to be able to take one supplement instead of the multiple one's I was taking. Thanks

I love using complement.

Easy to take while standing with the fridge door open while getting out the ingredients for a,morning,smoothie, I take 6 quick pumps of complement beneath my tongue and I'm on my way. It tastes great. I can't say that I feel noticeable differences, however I do have peace of mind knowing that I am getting a clean , daily dose of Vit D3, B12, and dha/epa.

Awesome Product

I love knowing that I'm getting exactly what I need to round out my plant-based diet. It is really easy on my system, so I don't have that weird burp after taste sometime after I've taken it. Because of that, it's the first supplement I've ever actually taken every day.

Doesn't Make a Difference for Me

The product came in the mail in perfect condition 3 days after placing my order. I took them everyday for a month hoping that I would have more energy by the end of the month, but I'm still exhausted from the time I wake up. I thought switching to a vegan diet last November, eliminating processed food from my diet, and taking a supplement with B12 in it would help me. These never upset my stomach, never had a fishy smell or burps. I just don't notice a difference after taking them for 26 days.

Sorry to hear that, Mariah! Needless to say, everybody is different, so we would strongly recommend getting some blood tests done or speaking to a dietitian familiar with the needs of vegans to figure out what could be causing your lack of energy - B12 levels, caloric intake, or something else completely.
Good product overall!

I just received my second batch of three Complement bottles a couple weeks ago (the first batch of three having been received when the product had just released) so I figured it's high time for a review. Overall, I like this product. I didn't have any of the smell/stickiness/taste issues that others seemed to have had when the product first released. On the second batch, I have been having the stickiness issue (though this isn't a problem at all to me since a simple shake separates them) and I find this is because for my initial batch I had refrigerated the vitamins since I received instructions in my package saying to do so. Since then, since the team has determined that the product does not need to be refrigerated, I have left my bottles in a kitchen cupboard. I imagine if I went back to refrigerating them the pills would not stick together. Another plus side to refrigerating may be that I've heard that methylcobalamin is not very shelf stable. Since the Alpine Organics team has said the product is shelf stable, however, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and continue storing the product in the cupboards for now. Also, I've found that the customer service for this product is great. I had a question about the product once and received a quick, thorough, and friendly response from one of the employees. That alone makes this product exceptional. Together with the convenience and transparency of the vitamin, this is what has made me continue my subscription. The only thing keeping me from giving five stars is that it does seem like (at present, anyways) there is no nutritionist or registered dietitian on the team. Though it seems that the product is well-researched and is based on scientific evidence, and is based in part on input from medical officials, I always feel safer taking a supplement that is created by someone who works on nutrition for a living. Perhaps there is a nutritionist/dietitian that I don't know about on the team, but if not then I think ...

Thanks so much for sharing all that, Gopika, it's really appreciated! And you're right, we have a small-ish team at the moment, but consider medical advisors like Dr Joel Kahn to be a part of it, even though they may only be involved in the development of new products, and not in the day- to-day operations.

Complement Protein

Complement Plus

It took a while for me to receive the package so I have only been taking Complement Plus for a few days. But so far I have no complaints.