Don't supplement...

Complement your plant-based nutrition.

Don't supplement...

Complement your plant-based nutrition.


Simple. Clean. Smart. Whether you want just the bare essentials, or get all you need without resorting to multivitamins, we've got you covered!


Vegan Vitamin Spray


Provides: B12, D3 and DHA Omega-3s

Convenient spray form: spray directly in your mouth or use to fortify your meals, smoothies, salads...

Dosage: 5 sprays per day (1ml), 60 servings per bottle

Best stored in fridge

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As low as

$0.65 per day*

*Per person, on a subscription package


Provides: B12, D3, DHA+EPA Omega-3s, K2, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc

Smart capsule form: clean, 100% vegan and non-GMO gelcap

Dosage: 3 capsules per day, 60 servings per bottle

Shelf stable at room temperature

International shipping available

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As low as

$0.90 per day*

*Per person, on a subscription package


Smart Vegan Capsule

What our tribe says


Brain health and nervous system

B12, Omega-3s, Selenium

Blood cell formation, proper clotting, avoiding anemia

B12, K2

Heart health and cholesterol levels

D3, Magnesium, Omega-3s

Bone health

D3, K2

Energy levels

B12, Omega-3s, Magnesium

Mood and sleep

Magnesium, Selenium


Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc

Protection from cancers and cardiovascular diseases

D3, K2, Selenium

Thyroid function


Reproductive health

Selenium, Zinc

Immune system

B12, Zinc

Skin, hair & nails

Omega-3s, Zinc

Wondering which to choose?

Spray or capsule? You probably know the answer already... but just in case, here's a quick cheatsheet :)

  • Complement
  • Complement Plus


  • You want to cover the essentials and keep things as clean and simple as possible
  • You like the flexibility of the spray form
  • You don't like taking pills
  • You'll be sharing it with children*


*Please consult your pediatrician or RD before using Complement for your kids to determine their nutritional needs.


  • You want to cover all your bases, but don't want the unnecessary ingredients of a multivitamin
  • You prefer your supplements in capsule form
  • You often travel or spend a lot of time in places where refrigerated storage isn't possible
  • You're ordering outside the US.
Based on 457 reviews

I appreciate the quality of the product but at this point in my life it is easier to take the capsules.

A+++ product

If you are plant based or not this vitamin is highly recommended. It has key vitamins that everyone needs. Give it a try!

love it, just one correctible issue (I Hope)

In addition to the protein powder which I love, Complement Plus is a fantastic vegan supplement in terms of its ingredients and clean prop 65 sensitivities.
What is keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the fishy smell. My first bottle had it and Complement offered to replace the bottle, which they did. Unfortunately, the odor of the capsules in the second bottle are just a little better. I know Complement is addressing the issue, and if they do so successfully I will happily upgrade the rating to 5 stars!

Thank you!

I love getting all the things I need in one place!

Love Complement Plus!

I've noticed a positive difference since taking it - and their customer service is fantastic!

Complement+ Essential Vegan Nutrients

Complement+ Essential Vegan Nutrients
Exactly what I need from a trustworthy company.

Our only supplement

I was never one for multi vitamins as most would make me nauseous, so I tended to steer clear. Being a WFPB vegan and eating the rainbow nourishes my body like never before. However living in the PNW and recognizing the need everyone has for B12 I wanted it all from one source & I found that in complement. Now I buy it so our whole family can use it. We generally just squirt it into our fruit & oat bowls in the morning. If I forget I just squirt it in my mouth. I feel good that myself and my family are able to get the B12 our food does not provide & the D3 when we are not seeing the sun as much as we would like to.

great product!

as advertised, this is just a simple blend of ingredients- no fillers or flavoring. I use it in smoothies and it blends very well.

Best non-tasting protein powder...

...I've ever had. Actually, if I taste it by itself, there is a slight appealing nutty taste, but when mixed in oatmeal, there is no flavor obstructing the foods I'm eating. It mixes well and I'm happy with it. The only criticism I have so far, is there's a LOT of room left in the bag when opening it. I have to transfer portions into a smaller container so I don't get powder all over my arm. I do agree that the cost is high for the amount in the package.

Helped me a lot!

After being Whole Food Plant Based for about 1 1/2 years, I started to feel run down. After taking ComplementPlus, I felt like my old newly WFPB self. I'm pretty sure it was the Omega 3's as I was already supplementing with B12. I like that it has everything I might be short on in one product. I feel confident in the quality as well. Thank you for your good work!

Amazing clean vegan supplement

My husband and I are so thankful to have found Complement. It’s such a great supplement with only high quality ingredients and no nasty fillers. It’s scary how surprisingly difficult that is to find!

Feeling SO GOOD!

Been taking Complement for 3 months and I feel SO GOOD! I sleep better, feel happier and less anxious. My sons started complementing too. I keep my capsules in the fridge and have no problems. Love the outstanding customer service. Thank you!!! xoxoxo

I fucking love this stuff!

One common problem I have with protein powder is I always have problems with digestion. Complement is the exception. My training is pretty intense so I need to supplement my diet. I have absolutely no bloating or any problems with assimilation. I look forward to my post workout smoothie these days. Thanks for the quality product.

Good product, but expensive

Great product composition, ingredients, quality, mix-ability, and flavor, but I have a hard time justifying spending $45 a month for it

A great dietary complement for Vegetarians and Vegans !

I very much like that Complement Plus gives me all those important daily vitamins such as D3 & B12, and minerals such as Magnesium, Selenium, & Zinc. Then there’s the bonus of the Omega 3 fatty acids (including essential EHA & DPA) as well as Omega 6,7,& 9 fatty acids.

All of this, and more, in 3 daily Vegan capsules is such a convenience over trying to get them from multiple, individual sources ! Also, getting Omega 3 fatty acid’s, especially the DHA & EPA from Vegan sources is very hard. Kudos to Complement Plus for making this possible !

I also feel confident in the purity of this product due to the independent lab testing of these capsules. I think it’s a great value for all the essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that vegetarians and vegans need to complement their daily diet.

Protein Supplement to Feel Good About

I love Complement protein powder because of the clean ingredients. Every morning, post workout, I have a protein smoothie with fruits, veggies, and oats. This is a product I feel good about putting into my body.

Unfortunately, I got one of those fishy smelling bottles. But, you all have been great and if I already sent another one to me in the mail. I appreciate that. If you send me another review I’ll be happy to make that 5 star once I receive the new bottle!

Complement Protein

This protein powder is great!!!

There is no odd taste, and I love that its a blend of different plants rather than one single source. I add it to the morning smoothies from the Quick Cooks app :-)

Great shakes

I love how full I feel all day long with a Complement protein shake.

Pump really sucks

I love the nutritional benefits of the vitamins but the pump really is problematic. I can never get a full pump and I have to move the head around every pump I attempt...and not a full pump comes out.

Vitamins I've been searching for!

I'm very pleased with the Complement vegan vitamins. It contains everything I've been searching for as a vegetarian and I don't have to worry about animal cruelty.

Complement Plus Vegan Vitamin Capsules | Premium Plant-Based Nutrition

love it, just one correctible issue

As a vegan, I really love both the protein powder and the Supplement capsules. I appreciate the stringent care to adhere to, and surpass, the prop 65 standards.
My only issue was that when I opened up my first bottle of supplement capsules, I was struck with a strong fishy smell, and the capsules were sticky with a brown residue. However, I received a letter from Complement explaining that they knew about the problem and would replace the bottle. Once they do that I will give this review the 5 stars that these products deserve.

do not know what to do with it