7 Reasons Why Plant-Based Eaters Love Complement Protrein

Athletes, aging adults, and active vegans everywhere are switching to Complement for a boost of clean protein. Here's why:


It won't turn your healthy smoothie into junk food.

With a scoop of certain leading protein powders, your once-healthy smoothie, oatmeal, or drink could turn into junk. Most of the leading protein powders are loaded with fillers, additives, and worst of all, sweeteners that can wreak havoc on your gut and detract from the other nutrient-rich ingredients. Complement Protein solves this problem by using 5 real food, plant-based ingredients for a balanced protein without the junk.

We love this protein powder. It's got all the great ingredients and protein we were looking for without any of the junk we didn't want and it's organic which was another must for us. — Amy D


You know exactly what you're getting.

When developing Complement Protein, we discovered that the commonly used "proprietary blend" is actually a marketing tactic to make a protein powder formula appear more diverse than it actually is. Proprietary blends with 8 ingredients could actually be 95% a single cheap ingredient, with the others just sprinkled in.

To help solve that lack of transparency for the consumer, Complement Protein lists the exact amount of each ingredient on the front of the bag.

“I love that I know exactly what I am eating with no hidden ingredients. Thank you for putting so much care into making this product! ” — Shayla H.


15g of complete protein to help build and repair muscles.

Protein is a macronutrient consisting of 9 “essential” amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own. The great news is that simply eating a diverse range of plant-based foods will provide each of the “essential” amino acids.

Unfortunately, for the athletes, aging adults, and active vegans turning towards an additional protein boost to help stimulate muscle growth and recovery, many powders don’t offer a complete protein source. Complement Protein meticulously combines five real food ingredients to create a balanced, complete protein with an amino acid profile optimized for plant-based eaters. In particular, we’re focused on leucine and lysine, the two essential amino acids hardest to get on a plant-based diet.

"I eat a whole food plant-based diet and love adding Complement Protein to my daily smoothie because it's the cleanest protein around with simple ingredients! As an active woman over 60, it feels good to add a little extra protein boost to my diet before a day on my bike or skis!" — Stephanie S.


100% biodegradable bag (no more plastic tubs!).

Have you ever taken a multivitamin, only to feel nauseous and dizzy a few minutes later? It's the worst! Customers love to report that Complement Plus eliminates the dreaded nausea issue for them.

“Complement Protein checks all the boxes. BEST of all is the compostable bag! No more landfilled-destined scoops and containers, which makes me SO happy!” ­— Kate


Flavorless formula, for endless options in the kitchen.

What's the deal with the not-so-"natural" vanilla ice cream or chocolate peanut butter powder flavors filling store shelves? It's time to let real food be the flavor of your protein smoothie.

Complement Protein's flavorless formula will mix, bake, or blend into just about anything, providing 15 grams of clean protein with no nasty artificial flavors or chalky texture.

“Love that Complement Protein is flavorless!! So much easier to add to smoothies! I added it to pancake mix and you couldn’t taste it. The best!” — Adrienne B.


Rigorously third-party tested for heavy metals and pathogens.

Heavy metals are naturally occurring substances found in soil, and therefore, make their way into our food. We take those potentially dangerous heavy metals seriously by following the strictest Prop 65 standards, and by publicly publishing third-party test results for heavy metals, potency, and pathogens.

“Every batch is tested for heavy metals which was also one of my requirements. Complement protein powder is exactly what I want!” — Laura M.


Still not sure? Get 10 servings free, that's 30% off your first bag.

Complement is so confident that you'll love our complete, clean protein that we're offering 10 SERVINGS FREE when you order your first bag.

And best of all, if you change your mind within the first 30 days, just shoot us an email and we'll refund your entire order, no questions.

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